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dividing line of blood

May 5, 2009

3) Is it ever a good idea to admit your business is haunted?
  • This is an interesting look at disclosure of hauntings and ghosts at places of business. Some establishments are afraid to have their names connected with such macabre things, while others make it a part of their business. Hotels are the most likely places to acknowledge their additional guests. Also of question is the inclusion of places on ghost tours and the like. It may not only be detrimental to a business in some ways, but also a threat to the continued employment of staff should they come forward with their stories even just to the administration let alone being caught expressing it to the media. The celebrity accounts of haunted happenings also bear consideration.
  • Tags: business, disclosure, ghosts, haunted, hotel, manifestation.

  • 2) Funeral director finds 400-year-old cat
    • There are a lot of different superstitions that break down by not only large cultural groups but within the smaller sub-groups as well. The customs that come about from such superstitions can be just as varied. This case involves mummified cats used to ward off spirits and similar. The idea that current residents will put these wards back in their place even though they do not believe in the reason these animals and objects were interred is an interesting one that underlines the importance that people put on history and remembering those that came before them including their unshared ideals.
  • Tags: culture, customs, history, mummified, superstition, wards.

  • 1) The Haunted Hotel Figueroa
    • Hotels are frequent locations of hauntings because of the volume of people that pass through them. Incidents happen in them due to that volume. They are breeding grounds for all sorts of echoes, high and low. The description in this article about the weight of time is very indicative and evocative of that, from the architecture, to the contents, to the impressions of so many pieces of so many lives that interacted with the place. The elevator is also one of those phenomena that is of interest both in belief in these hauntings and for the sceptical possibilities.
  • Tags: echoes, haunted, history, hotel, manifestation, mix, scepticism.

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    dividing line of blood
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    dividing line of blood
    dividing line of blood

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