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dividing line of blood

December 1, 2009

3) Lost Greek city that may have inspired Atlantis myth gives up secrets
  • Atlantis is one of those myths that really has staying power. That there is finally a real if less than stupendous discovery of the truth is more of a relief than a let down. It's still archaeologically fascinating and the people studying this sunken city are certainly excited by what they've found. The non-presence of fantastic achievements and super inventions or powers does not take away from the mystery of what the people were like in such an old recorded city or the creeping horror of losing their home to the waves.
  • Tags: Atlantis, cities, discovery, geology, history, lost, mythology, underwater.

  • 2) Paranormal Alien Cloud Hovers Above Moscow
      Strange phenomena, especially of the UFO variety, real or not, seems to be as commonplace in Russia as it is in North America. This cloud spectacular is just that, impressive, even if it is an illusion of light and location. It would make a striking display in any movie or storyline and could be indicative of the UFO itself or something that it does, including some kind of weapon.
  • Tags: clouds, illusion, lights, location, phenomena, Russia, UFO, weather.

  • 1) 44 tons of rotting meat stink up S.D. town
    • In what could be a scene played out in zombie film after zombie film this town has to deal with the aftermath of the power being cut in a place where perishable food is kept. This sort of thing should be commonplace whenever society falls by the way side. Food processing plants will be a terrible sources of not only smell but disease and infection run rampant. One abandoned frozen storage location multiplied many times across the country would be that much more terrible and the survivors would have quite the cleaning issue on their hands.
  • Tags: abandoned, cities, cleaning, disaster, disease, disgusting, rotting flesh, stench, zombies.

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    dividing line of blood
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