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Science Fiction

*Special Notes*

Movies are put into the categories above based on what genre they fall under.  Some movies might fit under more than one category but are placed under the one that they share the most traits.  Please note that some movies are listed with mention to their director.  This is done for the purpose of separating it from another film of the same name, or to simply point it out for fans of that director.

Each review is free of as much bias as possible and each is looked at independently based upon on such things as plot, pacing, characters, acting, and settings.  There are some considerations made in certain cases with regards to films that are part of a franchise.  Which is to say that if one movie in a franchise does not seem to be up to the quality of the rest of that franchise then such a thing may be noted at the discretion of the reviewer.  This is done solely for the benefit of long time fans of a franchise and can be disregarded by readers new to that franchise.

Glossary of Terms

  • Franchise: A group of movies comprised of sequels and prequels to a particular story.  Also known as a movie series.
  • Lyrical Soundtrack The songs that appear in the film.  These are the same kinds of songs that play on the radio and end up as the soundtrack CDs in all of the stores.  Does not include the background music of the film.
  • Musical Score The background music of a film that is only instrumental and or choral (using a choir).  Does not include regular songs that may appear in the film.
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