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Belly of the Beast
Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition
Delta Green 1st Edition
Heroes Unlimited 2nd Edition
Firefly RPG
Kult 1st Edition
Machine Zeit 1st Edition
Witchcraft: The Invisible World 1st Edition
Wraith: The Oblivion

*Special Notes*

RPG stands for Role Playing Game.  RPGs are books which describe a game and the setting where the characters made by the players will be.  RPGs are games of let's pretend with sets of rules to avoid conflict between players.  It's like cops and robbers without the arguing over whether one person was shot or not.  However as the first comment states these are GAMES.  If you BELIEVE otherwise we seriously ask that you seek professional psychiatric help.

RPGs covers every category or genre of story there is. However due to the small selection of separate titles that will be available for review by this site there will be no division between the different categories.  Each review will state which category the title most completely fits.  Each review is free of as much bias as possible and each is looked at independently based upon on such things as internal plots, characters options, settings, and artwork.

There are some considerations made in certain cases with regards to other RPGs in a series or the catalogue of a particular RPG author or company.  Which is to say that if one RPG by an author/company does not seem to be up to the quality of that author/company's other RPGs then such a thing may be noted at the discretion of the reviewer.  This is done solely for the benefit of long time fans of an author/company and can be disregarded by readers new to that author/company.

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