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Card Captor Sakura
Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon (Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon)

*Special Notes*

Manga is the Japanese word for their graphic novels, or comic books.  Japan has declared manga a national artform and they treat it as such.  It is not odd at all to see business executives on the transit system reading manga.  Manga covers every category or genre of story there is.  However due to the small number of titles that will be available for review by this site there will be no division between the different categories.  Each review will state which category the title most completely fits.

Being that manga come in series like comics (and T.V. shows) each title will encompass the entire series unless otherwise noted.  Each review is free of as much bias as possible and each is looked at independently based upon on such things as plot, pacing, characters, settings, and artwork.  There are some considerations made in certain cases with regards to other pieces in the body of work of a creative team.  Which is to say that if one manga by a creative team does not seem to be up to the quality of that creative team's other manga then such a thing may be noted at the discretion of the reviewer.  This is done solely for the benefit of long time fans of a creative team and can be disregarded by readers new to that creative team.

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