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dividing line of blood

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June 8, 2010

Cropsey at Camp
also Long Shadows of a Borough’s Boogeyman
  • I've been tracking a documentary revolving around this urban legend. It's fascinating (as an observer with nothing invested in the area) that an urban legend became essentially real for this locale, even if in a different manner--a near matter of life imitating art. I would like to note the real horror of just how short the jail term is for such inexcusable behaviour. The controversy over the documentary mentioned in the second link also bears some thought. Immediately a Blair Witch comparison is made, except with part of the story being 100% verifiably real and with that the accompanying pain of the families involved, it brings about more possibilities/angles to consider for a story to be built upon the ideas and conceit of this situation/legend and real crimes. If nothing else the controversy side of it (and even my own disclaimer here in this article) illustrates the implications, elements, and other aspects an author needs to consider for such a piece of fiction as might be borne from the Cropsey legend.
  • Tags: The Blair Witch Project, controversial, crime, Cropsey, documentary, implications, legend, reality, serial killer, verification

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    dividing line of blood
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    dividing line of blood
    dividing line of blood

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