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dividing line of blood

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March 9, 2010

History in the Remaking
  • A temple area may have been created before towns or agriculture or farm animals. This has wide and varied implications even without looking at the date supposed for the creation of the site. First among them is that religious need brought people together at this place and the need to stay close to the temple area caused them to develop everything. On page 2 is an interesting note about "sky burials" where the dead were fed to carrion birds. The part on page 3 about the timeline for archaeological sites discovered before this one and the ones that come after it, and how this one particularly stands out as ahead of the curve is quite interesting. Also the site was intentionally buried at some point--shades of the Exorcist prequel.
  • Tags: funerary, history, implications, psychopomp, research.

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      dividing line of blood
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      dividing line of blood
      dividing line of blood

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