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dividing line of blood

February 9, 2010

3) Scientifically Haunted House Suggests You’re a Sucker
  • Parapsychology's greatest strength is its grounding in science and the continuance of a healthy amount of scepticism. This requires gathering all of the evidence to discount what can be explained until only the paranormal remains. This investigation of making a haunted house with no haunting is a great example of dealing with the explainable. When the methods used here are stripped away from investigations at the scene then there is something to truly work with. From a writer's standpoint much greater reality can be given to haunted house story, or the science used here can be turned to some excellent fictional chicanery.
  • Tags: ghosts, haunted, infrasound, paranormal, parapsychology, poltergeists, scepticism, science.

  • 2) Bunny Man Bridge
    Tunnel 60 feet long, wide enough for one car, unlit though, may have a camera at one or both ends, what more could you ask for in a creepy location? Oh yeah, a serial killer--scratch that... axe murderer--in a bunny suit. Some killings on Halloween, and some conflicting stories about just about everything and you have the perfect storm of a legend.
  • Tags: conflicting stories, Halloween, history, killing, legend, roads, serial killer.

  • 1) Top 5 Real-life Haunted Houses
    • This is an interesting set of sites. I can't say that I agree with them being the top five most haunted, but perhaps that's only a difference of knowledge and there are histories to back it up. Number 5 happens to have an insert to one of the strangest haunted houses, The Winchester Mystery House. It also doesn't connect the history of the hanging with any of the ghosts. Number 4 with the faces isn't much of a haunting but could be put to good fodder use. The number 1 haunted house may actually be so, it does have a lot of stories.
  • Tags: ghosts, hanging, haunted, history, mystery.

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    dividing line of blood
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    dividing line of blood
    dividing line of blood

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