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October 15, 2010

Dreams, Reality, and a Time to Kill

The brand new issue of Battered Spleen Productions' magazine, Killing Time - Horror E-Rag™ Issue 2-5, is available now. It is hard to know where to start on this issue so I will have to begin with my personal favourite part: "PSY3007 Act 5". Benjamin Burke was thrust from the frying pan into the fire last time. Now he's on the way out, but it is not meant to be. Something more is going on than he realised. It may even be more than Tony Todd Whittermeyer knows. The first story in this issue is also another great one. "Burnt Corn" is the continuation of "Husk Hound" from Issue 2-3. The Deserver's story is one I think the real horror fans will get a hoot out of because of the homage I stuck in it. The name of the story is "Molotov", but it could just as easily have had the more flippant title of "Psycho-Boy versus Murder Bum".

For articles we have another "Horror Cinema Autopsy". This time I covered The Exorcist with a tiny bit of an eye for the special version that was shown in the theatres around the time of the original writing for this issue. Mostly though I consider the classic version, which I hold to be the better of the two despite missing the extended fun of the medical testing. The discussion article is about dreams and covers some movies, books and more. The reviews are for "Thir13en Ghosts" and the role-playing game "Wraith: The Oblivion". The issue is then all tied together with "The Hangman's Noose" and its look at reality and verisimilitude in fiction. So, now you can rush off and get your copy. This is it for Inchoate in October. Don't forget that there are thirteen nights of movie discussions over at R.G. Male's Dark Corners. Please enjoy your Hallowe'en and stay safe.

Music: Killer Girls by Quiet Riot.

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