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September 13, 2014
Jenny Took Down Susan

It has turned from hot to cold in the blink of an eye. That is rather apt for what I am going to talk about. I told you when I got a chance that I would tell you about Jenny Brumal and Susan D'Amico facing off in Heidi the Domine Maker's lair.

To recap: We found Susan in a board room of some kind. The big table and lots of chairs were shoved against the wall. The table was on its side. Jenny had told me to leave Susan to her before we even found her. Susan was waiting for us. She made a column of fire beside her and another blocked the door when I went to get back out. Jenny made the column blocking the door disappear. The temperature dropped like a stone as she did so. She told Susan, "You're going to have to try a lot harder little girl."

I'll try to stick as close to the facts as possible but still make it sound interesting. I'm not a writer, but I was a salesman: I got out. Jenny's breath fogged the air like on a crisp winter morning and so did Susan's. Susan sent the column of fire next of her spinning at Jenny like a small tornado. You know when the leave spin around in little dervishes? Like that, but fire. Jenny stood her ground, the fire dipping lower and lower as it approached her until it went out. It left a trail of burnt carpet that just stopped short of Jenny's feet.

Tiny little flakes of snow began to form in the air and fall. This was August and it was fairly warm that day. It didn't fall straight for long. It began to dance around in eddies of air currents. There was no aircondition or anything running in the place. I figure it was pockets of different temperature making the air pressure change and slight breezes to flow between them.

Susan advanced on Jenny and tried to put her hands on her. Jenny knocked the reaches away one by one. She was almost bored. It was like a little kid trying to fight a boxer. No doubt a touch would leave a terrible burn, but there was no way she was going to touch Jenny. That was when Jenny punched Susan right in the sternum. That's the bit the ribs attach to and you see them run their knuckles up and down in the hospital shows because no one conscious at the time can ignore how it hurts. Under the Domine's control it didn't slow Susan down at all. She all but screamed when the fist hit though, and tears rolled down her face afterward.

That was when it broke out into Susan just trying to land a punch or a slap on Jenny and it not happening. All the pummelling was done by Jenny. Susan slowed down more and more, her movements becoming even more sloppy as she tired and was battered, but the Domine pushed her to keep fighting. They circled in the falling snow, now pretty big flakes. Finally Jenny grabbed Susan by the upper arms. Her hands left black prints on Susan's arms that I mentioned in that week's post. Holding her tight Jenny slammed her forehead into Susan's, knocking her out and leaving the bruise I also mentioned. Jenny quickly pulled rope out of the backpack she was carrying and tied Susan up.

The rest you know.

Tags: cryokinesis, Domine, Heidi Caan, Jenny Brumal, , pyrokinesis, Susan D'Amico.

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September 6, 2014
Hiding Vacation

I am thankful that this has been a quiet week. It didn't have much of a choice. All of us took a holiday and went into hiding. That is except for Jack. When Jack wants a break he just leaves his home with a different face. The rest of us stayed inside and took it easy. No work. No troubles. I even got to play Tomb Knights

Tags: holiday, illusion, Jack Tourmaline, Tomb Knights.

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