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June 7, 2014
Burnt Identities

Hi, it's Sarah.

You can lose it all in a few seconds. Jenny Brumal hung onto her real identity as a safe haven. She could at any time throw off pursuers and go and live a normal life. It wasn't always easy to get clear of those hunting us. She spent much of her time on the run as Jenny to keep the prime people in her life safe. That's why she could talk so passionately about both sides of life, the free and the persecuted. She saw it clearer than any of us. I didn't hold my old life safe for long despite my best efforts. Myron has never hid what he does though it was often dismissed as malarky, a scam, or ignorant flights of fancy. You know all about Josh's sudden status change a couple years back.

Only a few short weeks ago fighting Domine's victims, Josh had been hit and was bleeding all over. Jack and Myron were carrying him to the car. They got him in the back and Jack drove off. That left Jenny and I. We were going back to the other car when an SUV roared out of an alleyway and struck Jenny sending her into the street where a car just barely stopped from hitting her again. She was awake and she told me to call an ambulance and let them know her real name. She could hide that way since our mission was all Protectorate related.

I decided that it was one of the controlled people in the SUV. I got nothing off of the driver even though I wouldn't know that until later when I had the time to think. It happened so fast, I was emotional, I didn't see the driver. Once I had time to sort it all out I knew I had felt what Jenny felt. I knew I felt what the first witness felt. I shouted at some woman to have the decency not to film Jenny in agony on the ground. I'll admit I made that woman feel sorry for doing it. She probably wouldn't have otherwise. What I didn't know is that someone else was filming it. Someone down the street a bit, who was filming before the SUV came at us. It was a setup and this week they sprung it. The video went viral and in moments Jenny's old life was burned to ash. You know what happens next. To her friends. To her family.

The video clearly showed Jenny's face. It captured the plates and numbers on the ambulance. It showed me. They went from me to her to the ambulance to the hospital to her social security number. I have no doubt that it was done on purpose. It was a trap. If I had been right beside her we'd probably both have been dead and the video would never have surfaced. We were targeted. We were ambushed when Josh was hurt and then a second plan fell into place when we tried to escape. Whoever is behind the Domine is after us, trying to get us out of the way. We have to stop him or her.

Tags: Domine, identification, Jack Tourmaline, Jenny Brumal, Joshua Rhoads, Myron Nath, The Protectorate, Sarah Jayne, surveillance, trap.

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