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June 28, 2014
Tearing Tender Asunder

This week a young girl named Parwin Chaudhry went missing from her home. You won't have seen the news talking about it. You won't find her name or picture in the newspaper. You won't find her face on the side of a milk carton. You won't find an article about it online except here and maybe one or two other blogs that follow the same information as I do. I know about it first hand. You don't know that you know about Parwin. She was the girl that Myron and I visited along with her family having trouble with the poltergeist--I posted last week.

The O.S.I.R. took her and now she's dead. I cannot begin to fathom the devastation her parents must be feeling. I feel angry and frustrated. I feel so bad I could almost take the video of her abduction and spread it around far and wide for the whole world to see. It's hard to say which part of why I can't is most frustrating. On one hand anyone can put on a black suit and dark sunglasses and kidnap people. The power that the O.S.I.R. has to spin any kind of media involvement is as dizzying as it is frightening. On the other hand let's say it's believed that a government agency kidnaps children. Then the question is why? The answer is not something that we want out there. I don't want to be hunted by every prime person in the state or country. I don't want a civil war either.

Now there is the matter of how the O.S.I.R. got onto her trail. It wasn't Myron and I. We never go directly anywhere. We make sure we aren't followed. You saw I didn't give any sort of detail to indicate who the people were beyond a single female child family out of how many thousands. Instead they found her all on their own. Private online conversations between the couple and other family led to less than private information other places. Despite trying to keep it quiet, neighbors got wind of the strange going ons at the house. Just little bit by little bit pieces of the story were out there. Don't underestimate the O.S.I.R.'s surveillance.

Tags: civil war, murder, Myron Nath, O.S.I.R., Parwin Chaudhry, poltergeists, prime people, privacy, propaganda, surveillance.

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