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June 14, 2014
Mental Team Attrition

Josh is back. That's me. Or at least as far as I know. I'm taking it easy after a long week of physical and mental training as a part of my recovery. I should be ready to get back into action soon. Not that I think you are, but you shouldn't worry because other teams have been filling in the gap left by our team.

I don't see where anyone said, but Myron was hit pretty hard by what happened. As much as it wasn't his fault you can't blame him for feeling bad about it. I don't know if he'll be going out with us again. We've all had a rough go of the job at several points. Myron was shot, now has shot a new friend dead, and I think I'm as much to blame as the Domine. I twisted Myron's arm to join the team. I got him to go out frequently with us on dangerous jobs. He'd have rather stayed in back than be on the front line. He's only there for me.

He used to go into what seemed like hauntings, alone, after conferring with the owners or the likely cause of the activity (in this case I mean people who do not know they are gifted). The only one he worked with was Sarah, and she mostly manned the office with only the occasional interview. He was the only one that he put in danger. That's the thing of it. In no way would I say that he is timid or scared to act. He's careful, thoughtful, and peaceful. All good things in my book. It really means something when he puts himself in harm's way for you. Maybe I should suggest he take a back seat, and work more behind the scenes and after the fact. It may be an unfair way to do it, but he is good at clean up, compelling people to ignore what they have seen and think nothing of it, or to even steer them clear in the first place before things happen.

Tags: death, Domine, haunted, Joshua Rhoads, Myron Nath, psychic, Sarah Jayne, suffering.

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