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March 8, 2014
Attack Flanks, Social and In Your Face

It's been almost two years since the O.S.I.R. went after my friends, and ruined the last of my old life. That was after I infuriated Mr. Peterson. I could not fully imagine then that the attacks were standard operating procedure. I can now. Different state, different agent in charge, same series of moves. They went after everyone connected to the mind reading prank caller, and his mother that I slipped out of their surveillance. They go to friends and family, at their places of work if they can, and they smear, and they try to spread the dirt. There is nothing that the people you care about can do that will help; short of knowing where you are hiding and telling. That's why like with me I told the prankster and his mother to tell no one anything, and if they could, to forgive the people who turn on them. It's just too vicious and highly planned on the O.S.I.R.'s part to blame anyone else.

While I'm outlining the dirty underhanded tactics of our least favorite murderous government agents, there is something I must add. For once it's a non-lethal solution, but it's also applied to prime people only. I also have to cover myself and say that I do not know if extraterrestrials or spacecraft in our skies are real or not. I guess that saying that out of hundreds of stories one or two stories could be real sounds likely. However, the O.S.I.R. does use UFO stories and tales of abductions and other weirdness to implicate people they want to silence in questionable beliefs and conspiracy theories. You speak up against the O.S.I.R. or otherwise get on their radar, then posts start appearing online that sound like they came from you, and they talk about UFOs and totally unbelievable stories, full of inaccuracies and conflicting details. They show up different places where your friends can see them, as well as reporters who hop on the story, usually to discredit you.

You might wonder why your friends would believe them. Let's say it's on Socialmabob. Friends will see these posts just all of a sudden, and most of them will be hours or days old. If anyone ask why this is they're told that the algorithm does it. The algorithm is a program that brings people what of yours they want to read. It decides Joe wants cat pictures, Jane wants items about how your day went, and Sally wants weird stories. Something went wrong in the algorithm, people will say, and Joe and Jane see the stories that only Sally used to see. Get it? Damned nefarious. Just about everywhere you get a lot of information from different people an algorithm is used to sort it out for you.

It gets worse when they plant people in your stream who, live and in chat, will back up the fake stories and how you told them directly, even in person perhaps. Fake friends of your friends will then get your real friends to question why you're lying about posting the strange tales. Others will say that they believe the stories. Others yet will urge your friends to get you help. Your denials only make you looked ashamed, crazy, or both.

It's worse if you have children. They fan the flames or get used by the O.S.I.R. to fan the flames. Then Child Protective Services starts investigation just how safe your children are to be with you. You can see how they can ruin you, even if they don't want you dead.

Tags: agents, algorithm, blame, business, O.S.I.R., pranks, prime people, Socialmabob, social network, suspicion, UFO.

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