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March 22, 2014
Waiting For Whiffs

The hunt is on for Domine. We have someone lined up to assist the team once we catch up with Domine. I may have made it sound like one of us on the team had the gift that could deal with this entity, but we don't. I have had a thought though about how Myron and I could team up to have an effect on Domine.

I guess I can refer to Domine as a he despite Domine not being any kind of living being. This is based on all of the people running the two person operations being male and the secondary victims taking on the worst of the danger being female. Nothing is for certain though. I just really want to use a pronoun rather than repeat the name over and over again. "It" seems insulting as a pronoun in this case. I don't want to be a jerk about it though. Funny, worrying about the possibly non-existent feelings of a bundle of homicidal energy.

I find it a little worrying that we've heard so little about Domine lately. There has been nothing I am aware of since the Socialmabob events of November 23, 2013. Also since none of what he is doing makes much sense I have concerns. What don't we know? What plans are these victims carrying out for him?

There is a sort of radar level for gifted prognosticators to get a whiff of events. Narrowing down where something will happen takes a varied amount of time. Narrowing down the people involved takes the longest part of the process since the perpetrator tends to be drowned out by the victims. Those are the kinds of things involved in getting information to teams like mine. Domine may fly under this radar for a long time.

Tags: clairvoyance, Domine, entities, Myron Nath, Socialmabob, victim.

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