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March 1, 2014
Mission Free Mommy

On Monday this past week we liberated the mother of the prank caller I told you about last time I posted. We got her right out from under the noses of the O.S.I.R. agents watching her day and night. They tailed her all around. We picked a time and made our move. She had no idea when we were coming, just that we were, and what we wanted. We had a password phrase and everything.

I met her at the supermarket. I was wearing a disguise so that Jack could focus on other things. I asked her if she knew what day of the month it was. She said the date and that I should use the Klein app. I thanked her and bit my thumb as she turned to walk away. A bit later she went to the public restroom in the back of the supermarket. She stayed in the restroom and an illusion of her went back out, and with my help resumed shopping.

Let me tell you, it is no small feat to push a cart around mentally putting items in it and steering clear of other people so they don't break the illusion. The hardest part though was keeping real money inside the shape of the fake purse, getting it out and taking back the change.

While Jack and I were doing that, Jenny and the real mother slipped out of the back of the supermarket.Then it was our turn to leave. The illusory mother went out, groceries in hand, and hailed a cab--she arrived by public bus. I feel a little bit bad about stiffing the cabbie, but he did get the groceries when Jack's illusion winked out of existence somewhere far down the road. Then there's the matter that the cabbie would have to keep quiet about a disappearing fare for fear of sounding crazy. Or maybe he claimed she ran away at a stoplight. As much as we should have followed up directly with the man we let it go to see what would happen. Melvin watched for reports about it, including listening in on radio calls to and from the cab dispatch office. Nothing has come of it yet.

Tags: illusion, Jack Tourmaline, Jenny Brumal, Melvin Klein, O.S.I.R., pranks, psychokinesis.

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