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February 15, 2014
A Walk Outside

Do you know the stories? People lay down and concentrate. They see a portal open and they go up out of their bodies and into a world of puffy clouds and light beams, and maybe even castles or whole other worlds? That's not a thing. Not as far as anyone I've talked to knows. Those events are called astral projection. Here's the catch though. Projection is real. Just not the white fluffy clouds and other worlds.

Some of the gifted can take their consciousnesses, their minds and thoughts and emotions, and move them outside of their bodies. They can look back at their bodies lying on the couch or bed. Their bodies still breath. They are still alive. No one is home though. They can't be awoken. They can't be reached by empathy or telepathy. They just lay motionless and loose, relaxed.

Meanwhile their minds are free to roam, unencumbered of everything, except one of the other staples from the fluffy other world stories, a silver cord. That cord comes out of the middle of their chest on their physical bodies and attaches to somewhere behind them where they are away from their body. Here's where truth is apparently stranger than fiction. Astral projectors do not have ghostly bodies invisible to prime people. They don't have bodies at all. No phantom hands or legs or torsos. They exist simply as a presence, without form. Yet they can see, and smell, and hear--they can't touch anything without another gift. Yet this silver cord follows them around and they can see it loop around to somewhere behind them. It never pulls tight and stops them. It never catches on anything. It never tangles on itself or anything else. Lastly, these gifted can, and need, to follow the cord back to their bodies to get back to normal consciousness.

Now, I've told you all this so that I can tell you there are also astral constructions. They're like non-living presences. So like astral travellers--astral projectors away from their bodies--they are like a glow in a dark room to someone who is sensitive to them. Or it's like you have your eyes closed and you know someone has just come up to stand beside you, and you can feel them without directly touching them.

The importance of these constructions is that they can be deconstructed. I've been educated about this because any entity that is free roaming must be one of these constructs. This is of course important because of Domine as detailed in Watching for Emptiness. Yes that means we have an ability available to us to deal with this threat.

Tags: astral projection, Domine, empathy (psychic), entities, psychokinesis, telepathy.

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