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November 8, 2014
Sit Down, Dire News Indeed

My name is Madam Sarcova. Everything has gone so terribly wrong. It has taken me this long to talk to you because I could not figure out how to work this thing. Where was I? Everything is a nightmare. Josh was captured by the O.S.I.R. and has been murdered by them. Sarah was cut down where she stood. They shot her down like a dog in the street. Jenny and Jack have disappeared. Melvin hasn't been heard from since then. This was back in October, almost after the last time Josh posted. Myron was never there. He won't be back. He's going to work only on his hauntings after this. I don't know who is going to take over here, but someone is. It won't be me. I have been way long just sending you this. I will make sure someone sends things on here regularly. I don't just owe it to Josh. I owe it to you. I've seen how important this place is. Please come back next week.

Madam Sarcova

Tags: murder.

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