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November 29, 2014
Mystery Meat

Josh here, in case you forgot I'm still kicking. Melvin, and the rest of us, have been going through the Minnesota O.S.I.R. files. There's reams and reams of them and more that are digital only. We found vague references to a familiar name. By vague I mean we can't figure out why they mention it or what it means. The name is Fauxtein. The references are in board meeting minutes kind of papers. It could be lunch orders but when you look at them it makes no sense.

With that in mind I went to the one person I know connected to Fauxtein in any shape, Susan D'Amico. Susan had been breaking into Fauxtein buildings to start fires. I went to see Susan. She's doing well after the whole Domine mess. The frostbite was short lived. The bruise on her forehead was a bit more lasting. She's coping with the memories of her time under control of the Domines. I asked her a lot of questions about what she had been up to at the Fauxtein facilities. It boils down to her following up on talk online that some of their products are not as animal free as they report to be. It wasn't important to me, but it had something to do with byproducts and cover-ups. It's basically a dead end for me since I'm not passionate about a meat-free lifestyle.

I'll keep Melvin on it. He'll chase it down along with everything else anyway--he's very meticulous about information.

Tags: Domine, Fauxtein, Joshua Rhoads, Melvin Klein, Minnesota, mystery, O.S.I.R., Susan D'Amico.

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