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November 15, 2014
A Friendly New Face

Hi. My name is Tam Nguyen. I am a Minnesota girl, born and raised. I am also a psychic. A telepath to be exact. I have umbral intentions. What does that even mean? It's supposed to mean that I am a terrorist by birth. It means I'm the target of the biggest, most organised, racist apparatus on the planet today. You know it, but sometimes that bigotry part gets lost in the outrage against the indiscriminate murder. There is a war going on. At the same time though as many will point out there isn't. A war requires the other side to fight back. We don't fight our side of the war because we won't stoop to their level.

Still, there are those that poke the bear, like Joshua Rhoads. Josh seriously poked the bear repeatedly and sad to say, look where it got him. I won't to poke the bear. If Melvin won't step back into the position I need someone with hacking skills. I prefer it to be someone with psychic hacking powers. It doesn't matter where in the country you are. We need to watch the bear and stay out of its way.

Join me again next week and we'll talk more. I'll come up with loads to say over the coming weeks. If I run out we'll get someone else to help out. See you again soon.

Tags: bigotry, hackers, Joshua Rhoads, Melvin Klein, O.S.I.R., psychic.

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