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January 18, 2014
Bombing Terrors Caught

It just broke yesterday that the Philadelphia bombers from my October 5 2013 post have been caught. Well, two were caught and the third was shot and killed during the chase. I have to admit that I am surprised that they admit the man whom was shot was unarmed. As you might expect he was indeed unarmed from a normal police standpoint. He had neither a gun, nor a knife. I suspect he did have a gift considered a weapon. Details are sketchy still, so I won't make guesses.

The trio was captured in D.C., apparently just hours before they were to set off the first of another series of bombings. No one seems to know or want to speculate on why they waited so long between attacks. They hit Baltimore again the next week as I reported on October 12, 2013. My only suggesting is they were laying low and waiting for security to relax again, as much as it does relax any more.

Have you ever noticed how there is all sorts of news about an attack or other violent event. Then there is a bit less about the capture of the perpetrators. Then there is nothing about the trial at all. I'd expect the same thing here. I'm talking about large goings-on, not tragedies with one or two victims. Those intimate atrocities seem to garner attention through to the end. It was just something that I was thinking about.

If I learn anything else about this case I'll let you know.

Tags: Baltimore, caught, news, Philadelphia, police, psychic, terrorism, tragedy.

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