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September 28, 2013
Clowning Around

I'm tired and it's late, so I don't know how long of a post this will be. The team and I have been running live field exercises this week. Orders came down from above to get some live, in the public eye but staying out of trouble, experience. Technically speaking there wasn't any heavy lifting, and the danger was sort of minimal. Though certainly our own actions always have the possibility of getting us in hot water.

We didn't simulate any kind of mission. Instead it was a matter of making a spectacle, then dealing with the clean up. Jack and I provided the spectacle. Jack made the illusion of a clown. Together the two of us made it juggle real balls in the air--we gave them out at the end. The clown reached into his pocket and pulled out the balls one by one. Really big balls considering the pocket. This was out on the street. People stopped to watch. I tried to make the juggling look as real as possible. Jack had to keep the hand movements and positions matching. I gave him a bit of a hard time the one day, only partially by accident.

The clown would walk out into the crowd and apologize to anyone he bumped into, thanks to me gently shoving people or making bits of them move as if bumped. I think it was Thursday that a little girl tugged on the clown's pant leg. I was prepared for that and had a piece of cloth in my pocket. At first the girl didn't feel anything and she looked at her hand confused. I caught sight of her then. She tried again and I made her hand feel the cloth in my hand.

When it was done Myron would talk to some of the witnesses and make them forget the clown even though they knew they were in the vicinity when the show went on. Melvin tracked people on their Socialmabob pages and on Gabbl to see who remembered and who didn't. He also helped Myron target people who hadn't taken pictures or videos, and we were extra careful of the one or two people, seemingly each day, who had Lookered Lens.

Each day Sarah had my back and soothed the fears of people with a fear of clowns. Jenny was always a discreet distance away looking out for police, O.S.I.R. agents, and reporters. The news reported only on three of the days. They missed us Monday, and on Friday Myron convinced the pair they were in the wrong location. We moved around quite a bit day to day to make it harder for them to track us. We also kept out of the sight of the news cameras unless we were caught in a wide crowd shot.

Tags: empathy (psychic), Gabbl, illusion, Jack Tourmaline, Jenny Brumal, Lookered Lens, Melvin Klein, Myron Nath, news, O.S.I.R., police, psychokinesis, Sarah Jayne, Socialmabob, sympathy (psychic).

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