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September 21, 2013
Hold Them, But Don't Fold Them

My name is Jack Tourmaline. Josh has let me speak to you today. Very kind of him. I'll try to keep this short. The team and I recently met with a small group of people who know about the gifted, but there are only one or two with them. They don't like the treatment that we gifted get from other people. Frightened people. They want to do something about it. To do that they have to let more people know about us.

I know something about racism and bigotry. I am partly Ojibwe. I am barely not enough Ojibwe to be included though. I've been shunned by both sides. That is without anyone knowing about my gifts. I hid that even from my parents. There were some trouble times here and there where they had no idea what was going on. I know the trouble that being different or in the minority brings, especially when you're the even more minor bit in the minority. I agree totally with Josh in the past saying we don't need more people knowing we exist.

I'm not a big Internet guy. I can Lookered things. I learn stuff on here. There is a thing going on right now where people want to hide stuff from being on the Internet. Josh tells me I mean to say block things. Law people far away from here are really into blocking things and soon more people will do it too. They have a big list and people will lose a lot of stuff they could learn. Don't let them do that. There are things to hide, and things not to hide. We the gifted are not going away. We just keep to ourselves. People blocking things are like Tommy Dearing and his men, taking things away forever. Neither is right. Speak up about the blocking while you can.

Thanks to Josh for fixing anything I said wrong that didn't get a red line under it. Thanks to Melvin for doing the other stuff so you can see who said what about things someone else said before me. Bye.

Tags: bigotry, censorship, Jack Tourmaline, Joshua Rhoads, law, learning, Lookered, Melvin Klein, Minnesota, Native Americans, Ojibwe, racism, Tommy Dearing, OSIR.

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