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August 31, 2013

I should have known better, but I was still amazed at the speed and power behind the surveillance network of the O.S.I.R. Mr. Peterson provided intel on the whereabouts of the gifted woman starting the fires in Wisconsin. I've told you about the security cameras and about everyone's online videos. You might have guessed from recent events that they also exploit holes in the security of anything connected to the internet including your Z-Phones and the like. You may have even thought about this next one… they have military satellites, and as of more recent times spy drones. If you're outside they can see you for sure.

Back to the story. The target's was a seventeen year old girl named Susan D'Amico and you're not going to believe who she is. We tracked down Susan to a warehouse that is currently in business. It is for a company called Fauxtein. You've probably seen their ads on TV. Susan or someone from the company had pulled a fire alarm. Mr. Peterson was following us. I had Sarah and Jack watching him. Myron was watching the back of the place and Jenny and I went in to confront Susan.

Jenny and I had cornered Susan in the back of one of the massive storage rooms at the front of the building. We had told her that we just wanted to talk. We kept our hands down and our distance. I had a Bluetooth earpiece on so I could hear from Sarah or Myron. Susan didn't want to tell us why she was starting the fires. I was explaining why it was bad and why she needed to stop. I told her we could get her help. That was when Sarah sent up a warning that men were coming in the front of the building with a clear intention to kill. Myron came on immediately after saying the mob woman was coming in the back. I can only piece together what came next, but Mr Peterson slipped Sarah and Jack. He came in and killed the men coming from the front. In our room we didn't hear a thing.

Sarah, Jack, and Myron came in too. It ended up with the mob sister and three of her men holding Susan, Jenny, and I at gunpoint. Mr. Peterson burst in with his gun no longer silenced and fired on one man. I took another man's gun and Jack made the last man dodge an illusion of a uniformed cop. That left the sister. Amongst the shelves and stacks of boxes we got scrambled around. Susan and I ended up facing the sister. Melvin--using the warehouse security cameras from back at home--came over my earpiece warning more men had arrived in the room. The sister brought Susan and I out to a more open area. Her four new men were there.

They weren't alone. From out of nowhere came about ten men dressed in black riot gear with assault rifles. I didn't get any warning. They immediately demanded the surrender of the mob people. All of them except for the sister complied. She grabbed Susan and the two of them stood next to me. We formed a line. The sister said she would shoot both of us dead. A shot rang out and the sister slumped over dead. Mr. Peterson came out. One of the riot gear men spoke to him briefly. Mr. Peterson said to the mobsters, "You're little war ends here. Gezim. Megi is shopping right now and Luana is almost done science class. Len. Tariq is home sick with his nanny. Aleksander. Clea is in a meeting with the sales rep she buys paper from, Rea is doing math, and Eliza is getting ready to cheer on the football team. You're all going to pack up your families and leave the country as soon as possible or your families are going to pay the price."

Mr. Peterson paused. Sarah had slipped up behind me and whispered that the men were scared and so was she. Mr. Peterson moved next to me before continuing, "This man here? He and his friends are hands off. If anyone comes after him and his, you'll pray that his other friends get to you before I do. You only get to live to serve as messengers. My men and I, we don't exist officially. We have the authority to do whatever is required for our mission. You don't get a lawyer, you don't get a trial, you just die if you get in our way again. Now get lost!"

Mr. Peterson's men led the other men away. Sarah, Jenny and I stayed with Susan and Mr. Peterson. Mr. Peterson approached Susan and grabbed her by the shoulders. He asked if she was hurt and if she was okay now. She said, "I'm okay, Uncle Bob."

Susan is Mr. Peterson's niece by his sister. He told Susan that she had to go with me and that I would get her help. I was surprised she agreed so easily, but after seeing what transpired anyone would be quick to agree. The next surprise was warranted though. He told her that she had to make the right choice or his co-workers would have her killed. Then he hugged her and told her it would all be all right.

Tags: Fauxtein, Jack Tourmaline, Jenny Brumal, mafia, Melvin Klein, Myron Nath, O.S.I.R., Mr. Peterson, OSIR, pyrokinesis, Sarah Jayne, surveillance, Susan D'Amico, threats, Wisconsin.

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