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August 3, 2013
Mean Comedy Crime Attack

There is a rule in the Protectorate regarding the use of force on prime people. The prime get a pass on threatening us, and on spur of the moment violence driven by fear and rage. It only goes so far though. Our response is to be measured and only so much further than what was levelled against us. The O.S.I.R. pretty much permanently lost their grace from us. Last week I told you about the mobbed up sister of one of our prisoners. Her cronies have been hanging around where I faced off against her. Yesterday I had enough of them intimidating people and acting like thugs in a place that has nothing to do with me.

I got permission to deal with them as I saw fit. I went in covertly and threw them around without a word of warning, or being seen. One bright one started shooting blindly, including out into the street where people were passing by. I took a hold of his trigger and then his hand and I'll admit that what I did was petty. I made him shoot himself in the foot, high and to the right. There are bones everywhere in the foot so I couldn't avoid them entirely.

Then I took all of their guns one by one and stuck them on a roof. I soon thought better of it though. I didn't want them storming through the building. I dropped the magazines from the roof to the ground and popped any chambered rounds, then I threw each empty guns to the pavement with quite some force. I couldn't say what harm it did any of the weapons but it looked and sounded impressive. The thugs had moved closer to the street. A police officer showed up, but one of the mobsters (it seems silly to call these people that) had a backup weapon and pulled it on the cop. I made him smash himself in the face with the gun four times before I realized the harm it was doing him--it was more force than he would have exerted. Who knows what the police record shows about that. I was nowhere to be seen and the officer held them at gunpoint until his backup arrived.

Only time will tell if this stunt makes them backoff. I bet it probably won't, but I can hope.

Tags: law, mafia, O.S.I.R., The Protectorate, threats.

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