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August 17, 2013
Good Day Out Twist

I wasn't going to go, and I waited until the last moment to decide, but Sarah and I went back to Wisconsin to my old city and to the local street festival. It was a good time. It was the best since I've started blogging about it. That was aside from looking over my shoulder all of the time. Being predictable has it's price. There was one moment though that could have ruined it had I let it. I saw a couple of my friends and I had to avoid being seen by them. They don't need what a meeting with me can bring. Speaking of which...

Now you're going to think I've lost my sanity. I had a brief meeting with Mr. Peterson.

As if to prove I'm not as smart, or as skilled in evasion, as I think he caught my attention on the way out of the city. How he knew I'd be heading that way I can only gather was a matter of following me from earlier than my plans of which route to leave by were decided. He said that he had a job for me. He didn't care if I took it to the Protectorate or not, but he would only deal with me, or Sarah in a pinch. If I do it, it will keep us in Wisconsin for a few days. Once I've nailed down some of the details as accurate I will tell you all about it. Until then I'd rather not say what it is about.

Tags: evasion, festival, friends, Mr. Peterson, OSIR, The Protectorate, Sarah Jayne, Wisconsin.

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