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August 10, 2013
Knowledge Gaps Net-style

I've been thinking more about the state of events on the Internet. I had to do some research and there was a lot of stress about security. I'm doing things with a high degree of anonymity thanks to Melvin. If you don't have a super technical, or similarly gifted, friend it can be a deadly proposition to do some kinds of research. We've had to watch what books we are seen signing out from the library since the 90s. E-books from the big stores are even worse. Everything online is watched, unless you have a third option.

For some that third option is the dark web. Like the gray markets the dark web consists of alternate sites of which some are legal and others not so much. You have to know people and you have to have a certain level of computer savvy to use them or even find them. I actually can't recommend using the dark web. They are way too brazen (that makes them highly scrutinized targets) and if you get into the wrong parts without a name to fall back on they can be more dangerous than the authorities.

Instead I have to suggest a more physical method that relies on regular criminals. First you need a fake ID. You use that to get a post office box. You use that to get a phone and internet access (not necessarily both together). It's best if you do this in another state than the one you live in. You use that access to find what you want. You can also set up another online identity at this time to use later when you return home--and with it another provider. This all of course has its dangers too, starting with that first step of an ID. So of course I can't recommend this either.

Your best bet is always just forget about anything that seems too dangerous. Don't research iffy subjects. Don't use the seamy underbelly of the Internet. Don't get fake IDs. Stay good, or fake it.

Tags: books, crime, dark web, e-books, gray market, identification, law, library, Melvin Klein, research, surveillance.

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