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July 13, 2013
Watching for Emptiness

Our surveillance of the man and woman linked to the manipulator that we've been trying to catch has continued since I last mentioned it. I have witnessed the man going to the same cemetery and visiting the same gravestone on several occasions. I took Sarah with me and she definitely picks up on two emotional responses at once while the man appears to be alone. This could mean a number of things given the array of gifts known to us through reports and first hand knowledge. The creepiest and by far the most dangerous is that of a psychic entity.

We mentioned before that we do not believe in human ghosts. You might not remember though that there are things created by psychics, and not always intentionally, that outlive the person responsible for making them. These entities can have any gift that the psychic did, and occasionally those of people around the creator.

Myron says these things run the gamut from difficult to control like Klavier to entirely uncontrollable and necessary to destroy on sight, if you even have the right gifts to do so. The first advantage they have is not being tied to a brain in any physical sense. Certainly they can have intelligence and of course they are aware of their surroundings, otherwise they couldn't react to them or people. Brains make for an easy control point and also provide other options for subduing a dangerous individual, such as temporally cutting them off from a sense like sight.

Our options are limited if the manipulator is an entity. You know my luck.

Tags: Domine, empathy (psychic), entities, graveyard, Klavier, mental domination, Sarah Jayne.

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