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June 8, 2013
Admonished When You're Down

Sarah here again. We received an interesting piece of mail. We have a post office box so that our home address is safe. I still don't know how the letter got to us, but it did. I conferred with Myron about posting it, and mentioned it briefly to Josh. It was hard to find a good time, and I didn't tell Josh about the second part of it. Josh's better than the first time he had to deal with this kind of trauma. At least he has work this time. He gets up, he goes to work, he comes home. He stares at the sports on TV when the local channels carry them. He holds me when we sleep. He's so very quiet. Anyway, here is the letter as it was written.

Mr. Joshua Gavin Rhoads,

I hope that this message finds you in good physical health, though I know you are having emotional issues still at this point. By now maybe you are beginning to understand why protecting the people and upholding the law is best left to the professionals. Even if you have the right psychological makeup, the will, and the physical condition required, there is so much more you're missing with your lack of real, proper, training. This is all aside from the fact that you have chosen a dangerous, illegal, and immoral path to follow. Your unearned, unearthly power has done what power does and corrupted you. You are a shining example of why your kind is dangerous and untrustworthy. Just look at all of the terrible things you are responsible for...

You've sent five federal agents to the hospital. You've assaulted three civilians. You've kidnapped another civilian and tried for a second one before the recent change in focus to a more permanent solution. Your actions have led to the murder of one woman. You've killed three men directly, yourself, and seek for a fourth homicide. You look for help from a man whose arm you've broken, and that you blinded in one eye. You constantly bring danger to everyone around you, especially those closest to you. Look at poor Myron Nath. This is what happens when you take matters into your own hands.

Tommy Dearing, O.S.I.R.

Tags: abduction, assault, guilt, Joshua Rhoads, murder, Myron Nath, O.S.I.R., police, Sarah Jayne, Tommy Dearing, OSIR.

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