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April 27, 2013
Chase Control

Sorry for posting this a day late. This week I was extra busy with work from the Protectorate chasing down a mental dominator. As soon as I was briefed on the situation I called in Myron Nath. I figured we would fight fire with fire, so to speak. The dominator was supposed to be a man named Malcolm Jonovich. In all honesty I suppose that still may be the case.

Myron and I were hot on Malcolm's trail. We drove him into an alley. I hate to admit this, but the maneuver is straight out of countless efforts of the O.S.I.R. to capture me. The difference is that while we expected the worst we were there to talk to him first. He turned to face us and I could tell something was off. He was panting, and sweating, and his eyes were narrowed, but it was more a look of pain than one of anger or hate. Something about his demeanor was calm. I spared a quick look at Myron and he gave me a terse head shake.

I stood up straighter and gave my arms a shake before standing as calmly as I could with my heart still racing from the chase. Malcolm didn't change. He didn't speak, advance, or retreat toward either of the corners. He just stood there panting a little less and a little less. His arms were held out defensively. Myron ordered him to calm down. He did it with more than his words, but Malcolm didn't respond.He tried again with still no response. Myron turned to me and said, "I can't control this man. Someone else is already doing that."

Apparently two people can't dominate the same person. You might think they could give alternating and conflicting commands, but no. It's like there are two people in there at once and there's no more room. We were about to discuss what to do, while still warily watching the man before us, when he dropped to his knees and this look of fear settled onto his face. He began begging us not to hurt him. Whatever instructions he'd been given or influence had been inside him had gone away or concluded.

To sum things up quickly this man wasn't Malcolm. He didn't remember anything out of the ordinary. He couldn't be certain of when he didn't remember things, like he wasn't present for them. We hadn't been chasing him long enough to pinpoint when the change might have occurred. We checked his identification and I apologized for the confusion and the menace of our questions. Myron was uncomfortable with it, but I made him make the man believe we were police detectives and we told him again we were sorry for the mistake and then we let him go.

Tags: identification, Malcolm Jonovich, mental domination, Myron Nath, O.S.I.R., The Protectorate.

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April 20, 2013
Striking Intervention

This week I could not just sit idly by and watch the O.S.I.R. do its work. I was forced into action. A trio of agents were surveilling a man that they believed was a psychic. Their reasoning was sound. Watching him would soon pay off. At one point he used his gifts in plain sight of a pair of prime people and the agents sprang into action to capture him.

Once a team is fairly certain of their target they have a contingency plan to pick up the target as required by circumstances. This is a standard plan for acquisition of anyone not deemed a high threat. You might remember it involves a cover story and a syringe. The most variation in the plan is with the cover story. Sometimes it involves a lot of agents and a bunch of props. Other times it's just a couple agents and some words.

The agents moved in and I shattered the syringe. Then I have to admit I got cute. I made one agent's hand fly up and smack the guy in front of him in the back of the head. When he spun around to see what happened I made him continue until he spun right straight around twice before he fell all on his own. Meanwhile the target they were after was alerted to the commotion. He took off and there was little the third of the agents could do about it, even though he was approaching the target from the opposite direction.

I watched the agents straighten themselves out and retreat. My work was done that day. Since then they've tried to pick up the target's trail again. He was obviously aware of the O.S.I.R. though I'm not sure why. Maybe he's a reader here.

Tags: abduction, agents, O.S.I.R., prime people, psychic, witnesses.

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April 13, 2013
Successful Measures

I have been watching O.S.I.R. Agent Tommy Dearing for a while now. The hardest part was catching up to him the first time. When I was the target of an O.S.I.R. team they seemed to have agents everywhere around us in a short matter of time. When they're not on the hunt it's hard to find hide or hair of them. The obvious answer would have been to draw attention to myself and when they showed up disappear again, then follow them. That would normally be easier said than done to begin with, but I made my bed and had to lie in it when I told Tommy what I was doing. Still, I found them and sorted out a way to keep tabs on at least one of them to lead me to the others. It is not something I can teach just anyone though since it is based on my gifts.

It's difficult to gauge my success since most of what they do is surveillance. How they get onto one of the gifted involves scouring the internet, cell towers and phone exchanges, and the newscasts, newspapers, and police reports for suspicious events that might indicate one of us is involved. They determine who the most likely suspects are and begin watching them until they see something as first hand as possible. I haven't gathered it through watching, but I suspect on many accounts they do not know that they have the right person until they move in to interrogate or sweep them up, then they get those gifts used against them.

My personal case was like that, I imagine. They didn't know if it was me or Karen once it got rolling. Then I had the parade of other people in and out of the events. My ignorance of what was really going on led them to their fairly soft approach. I shudder to imagine how long they watched me directly, and not just kept up on my blog.

You might remember that I was kind of coy about where I was. That wouldn't stop them for long. They have ways of determining where anyone is that isn't actively hiding out and keeping their electronic footprint as close to non-existent as possible. Here is what we've said about this previously so that you don't have to hunt it up, or have me to repeat it. March 10, 2012 Run and Hide

Tags: cell phone, Karen C., O.S.I.R., police, poltergeists, psychic, surveillance, Tommy Dearing, OSIR.

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April 6, 2013
Call Forwarding

I have spoken to Tommy Dearing, O.S.I.R. agent in charge. I called him with a new trick I learned this week. I picked up two cheap phones and I left a focus with them somewhere well away from where I was. I likewise purchased them a safe distance away. I then dial the one which my focus picks up, and it dials a speed dial number on the other. It took some doing to learn how to accept the call and use the speed dial, but disabling most of the buttons goes a long way to helping that.

I don't think I could pull it off with a touchscreen. I'm working blind unlike when I can tap into a security camera and watch what I'm doing on a cafe computer. My focus can see the phones but not any of the details such as the buttons or the screen. I also maybe shouldn't tell about this, but my focus obviously can hear, but I can't hear what it hears. By this I mean when it roamed about as a poltergeist in my house it could hear the fake medium and knew when it wanted to smack her by what it said. However, if I am focused on something out of my own earshot I don't hear anything where the focus is.

Since I'm trying to hide these phones I have turned off the ringers and other noises. They're set to not even vibrate. I know when I'm calling the one number and that gets the focus to dial the other number. The phone sit or hang in the air with the speaker of one to the microphone of other and I try to keep my voice quiet. You'd have to be pretty close to them to hear me making the calls.

Tommy wasn't impressed with the trick. Not even when he found the phones. Sure he knew where they came from, but I only put the cards in at the location I left them. I paid cash and even if he sifts through all the video he'll only know when I bought them, not where I came from before hand. I've learned enough about avoiding cameras out on the streets and in a number of interior places. Tommy also wasn't impressed with the number of locations I've pegged him at while researching his work. When I get some decent ideas about what he is doing I will let everyone know. Right now I'm piecing together what it all means beyond the obvious.

Tags: cameras, cell phone, psychic, split focus, surveillance, Tommy Dearing, OSIR.

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