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April 6, 2013
Call Forwarding

I have spoken to Tommy Dearing, O.S.I.R. agent in charge. I called him with a new trick I learned this week. I picked up two cheap phones and I left a focus with them somewhere well away from where I was. I likewise purchased them a safe distance away. I then dial the one which my focus picks up, and it dials a speed dial number on the other. It took some doing to learn how to accept the call and use the speed dial, but disabling most of the buttons goes a long way to helping that.

I don't think I could pull it off with a touchscreen. I'm working blind unlike when I can tap into a security camera and watch what I'm doing on a cafe computer. My focus can see the phones but not any of the details such as the buttons or the screen. I also maybe shouldn't tell about this, but my focus obviously can hear, but I can't hear what it hears. By this I mean when it roamed about as a poltergeist in my house it could hear the fake medium and knew when it wanted to smack her by what it said. However, if I am focused on something out of my own earshot I don't hear anything where the focus is.

Since I'm trying to hide these phones I have turned off the ringers and other noises. They're set to not even vibrate. I know when I'm calling the one number and that gets the focus to dial the other number. The phone sit or hang in the air with the speaker of one to the microphone of other and I try to keep my voice quiet. You'd have to be pretty close to them to hear me making the calls.

Tommy wasn't impressed with the trick. Not even when he found the phones. Sure he knew where they came from, but I only put the cards in at the location I left them. I paid cash and even if he sifts through all the video he'll only know when I bought them, not where I came from before hand. I've learned enough about avoiding cameras out on the streets and in a number of interior places. Tommy also wasn't impressed with the number of locations I've pegged him at while researching his work. When I get some decent ideas about what he is doing I will let everyone know. Right now I'm piecing together what it all means beyond the obvious.

Tags: cameras, cell phone, psychic, split focus, surveillance, Tommy Dearing, OSIR.

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