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April 20, 2013
Striking Intervention

This week I could not just sit idly by and watch the O.S.I.R. do its work. I was forced into action. A trio of agents were surveilling a man that they believed was a psychic. Their reasoning was sound. Watching him would soon pay off. At one point he used his gifts in plain sight of a pair of prime people and the agents sprang into action to capture him.

Once a team is fairly certain of their target they have a contingency plan to pick up the target as required by circumstances. This is a standard plan for acquisition of anyone not deemed a high threat. You might remember it involves a cover story and a syringe. The most variation in the plan is with the cover story. Sometimes it involves a lot of agents and a bunch of props. Other times it's just a couple agents and some words.

The agents moved in and I shattered the syringe. Then I have to admit I got cute. I made one agent's hand fly up and smack the guy in front of him in the back of the head. When he spun around to see what happened I made him continue until he spun right straight around twice before he fell all on his own. Meanwhile the target they were after was alerted to the commotion. He took off and there was little the third of the agents could do about it, even though he was approaching the target from the opposite direction.

I watched the agents straighten themselves out and retreat. My work was done that day. Since then they've tried to pick up the target's trail again. He was obviously aware of the O.S.I.R. though I'm not sure why. Maybe he's a reader here.

Tags: abduction, agents, O.S.I.R., prime people, psychic, witnesses.

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