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April 13, 2013
Successful Measures

I have been watching O.S.I.R. Agent Tommy Dearing for a while now. The hardest part was catching up to him the first time. When I was the target of an O.S.I.R. team they seemed to have agents everywhere around us in a short matter of time. When they're not on the hunt it's hard to find hide or hair of them. The obvious answer would have been to draw attention to myself and when they showed up disappear again, then follow them. That would normally be easier said than done to begin with, but I made my bed and had to lie in it when I told Tommy what I was doing. Still, I found them and sorted out a way to keep tabs on at least one of them to lead me to the others. It is not something I can teach just anyone though since it is based on my gifts.

It's difficult to gauge my success since most of what they do is surveillance. How they get onto one of the gifted involves scouring the internet, cell towers and phone exchanges, and the newscasts, newspapers, and police reports for suspicious events that might indicate one of us is involved. They determine who the most likely suspects are and begin watching them until they see something as first hand as possible. I haven't gathered it through watching, but I suspect on many accounts they do not know that they have the right person until they move in to interrogate or sweep them up, then they get those gifts used against them.

My personal case was like that, I imagine. They didn't know if it was me or Karen once it got rolling. Then I had the parade of other people in and out of the events. My ignorance of what was really going on led them to their fairly soft approach. I shudder to imagine how long they watched me directly, and not just kept up on my blog.

You might remember that I was kind of coy about where I was. That wouldn't stop them for long. They have ways of determining where anyone is that isn't actively hiding out and keeping their electronic footprint as close to non-existent as possible. Here is what we've said about this previously so that you don't have to hunt it up, or have me to repeat it. March 10, 2012 Run and Hide

Tags: cell phone, Karen C., O.S.I.R., police, poltergeists, psychic, surveillance, Tommy Dearing, OSIR.

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