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March 9, 2013
Not The Way to Go

I regret to inform you that O.S.I.R. agent Grant Sekibo has been killed! This wasn't self-defense. It was a cold-blooded murder. I want to know who did it! If Grant's murderer comes forward I'll do my best to guarantee your safety. If I have to come after you, you'll wish that the O.S.I.R. caught you. I'm serious. Of all the stupid, idiotic, and dangerous things to do. You've ruined the plans I posted about--a way to learn everything we could about O.S.I.R. protocols from one of its most dangerous agents, and to determine weaknesses and openings to use to thwart them. Not only that, but you've stirred up the hornets nest and all of us will suffer for it.

I hope that the murderer is not someone who reads this blog. I'd hope you'd have learned better from me. Nothing makes anyone more determined to see something through than the death of a comrade. When you already hate someone for no reason, and then you're given an exceptionally good reason, you jump on it, hard. We had a target on our back. We were taken away to be humanely disposed of. Now what do you think will happen? You can't imagine the suffering we will be caused, unless you know your history. Even recent history shows us what happens when you push past annoying the bear into pissing it right off.

This is a perfect example of why we have to police ourselves. Come forward and let the Protectorate handle this mess. Whatever you do, do not make matters worse.

Tags: anger, Grant Sekibo, OSIR, murder, O.S.I.R., The Protectorate, surveillance.

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