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December 14, 2013
Inexplicable Aid

The simplest jobs often turn out to be the messiest. I was given a mission for my team this week.We were to pick up a man. Let me call the target Joe Lookahead. Joe was accused of killing another man he didn't even know. He just walked up to the man on the street and stabbed him in the back. He left the knife in the man and walked away. He managed to avoid being caught on any surveillance cameras on the street. No one with a cellphone caught a clear picture of him. He seemed to duck all of them. Eyewitnesses described the kind of camera evasion I would love to be capable of doing.

As you might have guessed from the nickname, Joe is a precognitive. He can see glimpses of the future. From the sounds of it--what I've been told as a part of the prep for the case--he is a powerful one, to know when to move to avoid so many cameras. Of course what Joe didn't count on was psychic investigators seeing his face from the minds of the witnesses. I decided that he also might not count on the amount of pressure that psychics coming after him could apply. My plan of attack was to blitz him all at once. Even if he knew what was coming there are only so many things he could focus his attention on at once.

Jenny worked with a couple of Protectorate helpers to track Joe down. The knife was invaluable for that. Reading the knife also told Jenny that Joe believed he had to kill the man, but not why. Sarah helped to differentiate that Joe predominantly felt urgency not anger to kill the man. As might be expected, when sensing Joe's current condition Jenny said he was nervous of being caught. His location was discovered by technological means after identifying him from witness recollections to make a sketch, and then getting his home and work addresses. We caught up with him at his work.

He was a maintenance worker at a mall. He dodged us in three different locations despite my trying to throw him from two directions at once, Sarah flooding him with deep fear, Jack sending illusory security guards after him, and Jenny icing up the floor. I got the impression he could spot Jack's illusions, because he almost seemed to ignore them. If not for the unnatural fear he may not have even flinched from them. I thought we finally had him back in a maintenance corridor at a locked pair of doors. He was backed into a corner and had lost his keyring earlier. Then he did the strangest thing I think I've ever seen. He took a big wrench he had desperately hung onto during the chase, and he started smashing the wall. He broke out a section of wallboard, reached into the wall, and pulled out a gun.

I was about to take the gun from him when he turned his back on me and shot the lock. I had slowed up, I was shocked and struggling to react. He slipped through the doors and I heard him kick them. I tried to push them but he had them blocked--with door stoppers it turned out. Then he chained the doors shut. We lost him after that. It turned out the only reason he was at work was to say goodbye to some co-workers. He said he was going away on vacation and that he wouldn't be returning. Who knows when or where he will show up again.

Unless I have something of great importance to tell you all, this is it for the blog this month. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I'll return in January.

Tags: Christmas, cryokinesis, empathy (psychic), illusion, Jack Tourmaline, Jenny Brumal, Joe Lookahead, New Years, precognition, The Protectorate, psychokinesis, psychometry, Sarah Jayne, split focus, witnesses.

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December 7, 2013
Tryptophan Week

My long Thanksgiving holiday went well last weekend. Sarah feels as well as ever. Everything is as normal as it gets. There's been no word on Domine since what I told you last. That's not to say something isn't going on, but if so we're all in the dark.

Maybe it's just a quiet year, or we're in a dull spot, but I thought there would be a lot more work for the Protectorate. I guess I should be quiet before I call down too much excitement on myself. Now that I think about it, there is probably more going on below the radar than any of us wants to know about. What a cheery thought.

I'm glad for the quiet week though. I've been feeling run down the last couple days. If things remain quietly the same next week I'll write you all an informative post on some useful topic. For now I'm going to post this and go catch up on some sleep. Until next week…

Tags: Domine, peace, The Protectorate, Sarah Jayne, sleep.

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