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October 26, 2013
Despite A Halloween Life

I like Halloween but it's been hard going the last couple of years. A lot of time spent on the run got in the way. An inability to go just anywhere puts a damper on things. I can't really open the door to the kiddies. I think the worst part of it has been living something of a nightmare day to day. Think about it. First I thought my house was haunted. Since then I've had armed government agents intent on killing me. I faced off against a serial killer who made people's heads explode. I battled an intelligent, and very angry, wooden doll made out of pieces of a broken piano held together with metal eyelets. We went after a home invader that controlled people's emotions even beyond the terror of the violence he threatened and enacted.

Since then I've been in the crosshairs of mobsters who threatened people who don't even know me, to try and get at me. The team and I have chased after something that was never human that lived in a graveyard and used people to possess other people. Then of course, though it ended the best of any of these things, I also went after a fire starter. An event that led to a final confrontation with the mobsters and a scarily interesting tip of the hand from the government agents.

We still have to do something about the entity from the graveyard. It is probably leading people to death and murder right now, but we're just not aware of where yet. Also there have been recent tragedies rocking the nation to add to the stress and strain for all of us. Still despite a life of nightmares I intend to go ahead with a little personal Halloween with Sarah and the team. I hope all of you have a safe and happy Halloween on Thursday! See you next week.

Tags: agents, entities, Halloween, Klavier, mafia, MyWayNow, pyrokinesis.

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October 19, 2013
Presidential Tragedy Reaction

"My fellow Americans,

I am here talking to you again today because we have finally reached the light at the end of the tunnel. This has been a hard month's time for all of us. Our way of life has been under attack. Lives have been lost senselessly at the hands of those despise us for our mere existence. They have sought to sow fear and dissention. They have even tried to foment sedition among our defenders.

I tremble at what has transpired to the people of our glorious nation. You have seen it. I trembled. It was not with fear though. It was not with sadness, though I carry as heavy heart as any. I have not lost any close to me, but as someone with great empathy I feel the suffering of those that have lost someone. Still I tremble, and it is with great anger that I tremble. We have not stood idle. These profaners of all that is decent, with their umbral intentions, expected us to sit idle. They expected us to be passive. They expected wrong.

Today these contemptible individuals have discovered just what happens when America's protectors leap into action. They have learned the hard way that are no better combined police forces the world over than ours. They have learned that justice is swift and exacting in America. They have learned that you can't escape the long arm of the law.

Local and federal police forces have captured those responsible for this month's tragedy. Several of the perpetrators were killed in the raid, but those in charge of these heinous acts have been captured alive and await trial. They expect that their fancy, expensive lawyers will keep them free and operational. Their execrable machinations are just that, the utterly detestable actions of the abhorrent. We are a nation of laws. Laws that do not allow for atrocities, and do not allow those that perform them to escape with loopholes and obfuscating rhetoric. Just as they did not get away with their violence and mayhem, they will not get away with flouting the justice system either.

The nightmare is over. It will take us time to recover, but we will. It will take us time to heal our hearts, but this too we will. Good night and God speed, America."

(Mericratic) President Marcia Elba; Oval Office; May 10, 2010

Tags: evil, history, law, Mericratic Party, police, terrorism, tragedy.

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October 12, 2013
Baltimore Hit Hard

Baltimore was rocked this week by another three bombing attacks similar to the ones the week before. I won't go into details. The news does that enough on an endless barely changing loop. I'm not going to go into detail about the people with gifts who appear to be responsible for these tragedies--mostly because all I have is second and third hand speculation. What I'm here to tell you about are the remarks made by President Elba on Thursday after the last bombing of the week.

President Elba said much that you would expect him to say in such terrible times as this. The Mericrats are almost universally known for their speeches that leave some people scrambling for the dictionary. They're well spoken and well educated.They often seem to be teaching even if only by example, but it never bothers them to repeat what they have said in simpler terms even as a part of their speeches rather than waiting until after for questions.

What the President also said indirectly blamed the gifted for the attacks. We've seen it before. They talk about the people responsible being talented but irresponsible, powerful but corrupted, and driven by their baser instincts and umbral intentions. I can't help but take it personal when all of the buzzwords are code for people like me. Well the people responsible are not like me. I go out of my way to keep the innocent out of harms way. I rarely ever start things, even though I tend to finish them. I don't attack people at random or without very good cause. It's always a sign of hate to lump everyone together under one evil umbrella. Just to cover myself, I'd still be hard pressed not to vote Mericratic if I weren't blocked from voting by my fugitive status. Even they are not some maniacal, monolithic, black cabal.

Tags: Baltimore, Mericratic Party, news, psychic, terrorism, tragedy.

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October 5, 2013
Philly Terror

By now everyone knows about the bombings this week in Philadelphia. No group has come forward to claim responsibility for the three explosions. The investigation is on-going and there was even a scare of a fourth attack today.

I don't know how honest people believe me to be. Hopefully this will convince people that I always attempt to tell things as they are, not as how I want them to be, or other near but colored versions of reality. These attacks are not the result of normal forces. They are the work of one or more of the gifted. Yes, that means there is a cover up. No, it is not us covering it up.

The events were far enough away that I only hear the kinds of things you might hear, with the exception that word trickles down from a couple other sources you likely don't have. These sad events affect all of us. I'll let everyone know things as I find them out and get some verification.

Tags: news, Philadelphia, psychic, terrorism, tragedy, truth.

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