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October 12, 2013
Baltimore Hit Hard

Baltimore was rocked this week by another three bombing attacks similar to the ones the week before. I won't go into details. The news does that enough on an endless barely changing loop. I'm not going to go into detail about the people with gifts who appear to be responsible for these tragedies--mostly because all I have is second and third hand speculation. What I'm here to tell you about are the remarks made by President Elba on Thursday after the last bombing of the week.

President Elba said much that you would expect him to say in such terrible times as this. The Mericrats are almost universally known for their speeches that leave some people scrambling for the dictionary. They're well spoken and well educated.They often seem to be teaching even if only by example, but it never bothers them to repeat what they have said in simpler terms even as a part of their speeches rather than waiting until after for questions.

What the President also said indirectly blamed the gifted for the attacks. We've seen it before. They talk about the people responsible being talented but irresponsible, powerful but corrupted, and driven by their baser instincts and umbral intentions. I can't help but take it personal when all of the buzzwords are code for people like me. Well the people responsible are not like me. I go out of my way to keep the innocent out of harms way. I rarely ever start things, even though I tend to finish them. I don't attack people at random or without very good cause. It's always a sign of hate to lump everyone together under one evil umbrella. Just to cover myself, I'd still be hard pressed not to vote Mericratic if I weren't blocked from voting by my fugitive status. Even they are not some maniacal, monolithic, black cabal.

Tags: Baltimore, Mericratic Party, news, psychic, terrorism, tragedy.

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