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January 26, 2013
First Time Out, Part 1

Last week I didn't have time to tell you about my team's first mission. It's been quiet since with only job work and training filling the hours. I received a tip to check out the current issue of the Star Tribune. A rash of home invasions in Blaine took a sudden weird twist.

The most recent target was a couple. Both reported a sense of fear that came from nowhere minutes before the man broke into the house and assaulted them in their kitchen. The wife had felt compelled to call her sister to see if there was something wrong because the fear felt so much like a premonition of something terrible. The husband had checked all of the doors and windows and checked all the rooms in case there was an electrical fire or something smouldering that was giving them the sense of dread.

When word of this spread previous victims came forward and reported similar bursts of unwarranted emotion. Not all of them were fear though. One man reported a sense of euphoria that was then shattered by the attack. Another said that she felt really sad just out of the blue. The feeling continued during the attack and only ended when the invader left; then she felt appropriate scared and angry.

I hate to do it but I have to go, right now. I'll push this off to Melvin to get this online. Next week I'll finish the story if I can.

Tags: assault, Blaine (MN), crime, emotion, empathy (psychic), fear, home invasion, Melvin Klein, news, victim.

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January 19, 2013
Hardly an Update, On a Mission

This is Melvin. Josh is busy and can't get to a keyboard to update you on what is going on. I would do you the pleasure, but I have to get the team's back. Josh should be on next week to tell you about what we are doing.

Tags: Joshua Rhoads, Melvin Klein, The Protectorate, team, web administrator.

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January 12, 2013
Post Holiday Check-In

I hope everyone had a good holiday season. I did, although there was a lot of work involved in the days and not much free time overall. Still, Sarah and I had a nice quiet Christmas complete with dinner from Boston Market.

The team has been hard at work, but I have had to do the most of anybody. Iím behind the curve. I wasnít born with my gifts. If you recall they figure mine came out after a brain injury that caused the neuron patterns to change while healing themselves. Iím sure thatís a bad explanation of it, but I think you get the idea. Still, we all have work to do honing our skills, and learning how to work together.

Sorry for making this short, but I need my rest.

Tags: brain, Christmas, psychic, team, training.

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