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September 22, 2012
From Virtual to Real

You can't fight the establishment. That's the saying isn't it? Yeah, this is Melvin the web admin. A while ago I said that I would deal with the hacker that attacked our site. I can do it, and I did do it. However, when you have the backing of the government, losing your equipment to a hack nary slows you down. You just commandeer a system somewhere while a lackey requisitions you a new supercomputer. Hierophant1100011 might be pissed I trashed his rig. If you remember that government virus that physically killed the computers overseas, well I pulled a similar trick like that, except mine was via my gift and so it wasn't preventable unless they could keep me from accessing the systems. It's a tiny little bit like bragging about hurting an innocent, but I burned that supercomputer out, as well as several ancillary processing nodes and data servers. In other words I messed up an O.S.I.R. computer room and sent the staff including the hacker scrambling to protect the rest.

It wasn't much more than a hiccough in the grand scheme of things unlike if I were to be a jerk and did it to an individual or even a fair sized company. There they would be down for days, if they had the funds to buy more hardware. Then they must reinstall all the software and/or backups. Stronger measure will have to be taken against Hierophant1100011. Enter Trevor Mann. Trevor is a member of the Children of the Revolution. You may have seen a quote from one of their discourses on the front page of Umbral Intentions. Trevor hates evil hackers with a white-hot passion. I will hunt Hierophant1100011 down and then Trevor will call the devil to pay.

Now, don't worry. Death is too good for the likes of Hierophant1100011. His kind needs a nice long payment plan.

Tags: Children of the Revolution, hackers, Hierophant1100011, Melvin Klein, O.S.I.R., Trevor Mann, Umbral Intentions™, web administrator.

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