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September 15, 2012
My Gifts Breakdown

I probably shouldn't post this, least of all perhaps in light of how this was last week's post until we were hacked yet again. I expect what I wrote then, and am repeating now, will be used against me somehow. Still, I want you out there reading this to know all about it. The hacking results will have to wait a week.

I have been hard at work on harnessing my gifts. Grant Sekibo has had first hand experience of it now. Again I feel like apologizing to Mr. Peterson, but I'm comfortable now with that I did, and that ultimately he got all he deserved even if he didn't deserve all he got.

The recent attack on the police in my house was a blessing in disguise. I've felt so much freer since it expended itself and returned the lost bit of me that was there, tied to that saltshaker. At this point I don't remember if I told you about the explanation for those odd dreams involving the saltshaker or if I only planned that post out in my head more than once without ever typing it. I'm getting some things a little muddled here today. Let me prioritize and begin again.

I left a bit of my essence or even a part of my mind back in my house in Wisconsin. Despite the distance it enacted its will using my telekinesis. It had no brain to use to do it, and the body that it inhabited was my small table-sized saltshaker. It had no power except me here in Minnesota. The same thing went on in the short range when I still lived in the house and slighter further out at Karen's house (my girlfriend back then). It was... I was the ghost haunting me.

In dreams where I was the saltshaker everything was grey except for the softly glowing, radiating-with-short-lines, energy edges around all objects. What I may have neglected to tell you is that is my gift to see auras. Inanimate objects all have that glowing, white edge to them. I tell you, it's not the easiest thing to navigate by. People though have more complex auras and colours. I can't differentiate facial features, but at least people appear as fully solid objects.

Now, this took some deep thinking to realize. It was also quite a surprise to Grant. I am at least partially physically sympathetic to other people. Remember when I felt sensations of the attack on MyWayNow? That was it in action. I accidentally linked with him in that moment. When I ran afoul of Grant this week I linked my hand with his and I knew when he was going to pull the trigger on his handgun. I did not have to rely on pure luck. I think he was quite shocked when I confidently deflected two of his shots, before I just removed the gun--the nice way--from his hand.

Once he was disarmed things went much smoother. I won't say we had a good talk. He mostly just spouted hate at me. He probably didn't listen to what I said either. I can see that he can't be frightened by any actions I take, including baiting him into a trap. He knows what I can do to him, but that doesn't matter. Doesn't matter even though he sees me as a cold-blooded killer, or I suppose honestly, well on my way to cold-blooded in his eyes.

I ended up lifting a manhole cover, lowering him down to the bottom, and replacing the cover to make my escape. That won't earn me any points either, but I thought it was better than a dumpster. That's it. Off I go.

Tags: aura, Grant Sekibo, OSIR, guilt, hackers, hate, MyWayNow, Mr. Peterson, OSIR, psychic, Wisconsin.

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