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September 1, 2012
Labors in Secrecy

It seems only fitting that I talk about how I am getting along financially on the Labor Day weekend. Some months ago I told you I was almost tapped out of what little I managed to grab. Things looked pretty dire. I was in the cheapest hostels and hole in the wall motels. I was staying with people that I knew less and less, before my situation, for one or two nights at a time. Since then I've found work, but it is in what some people call the Shadow Economy.

There are a number of people who work under the radar. They don't pay taxes on their income or file other paperwork. Sometimes it is out of greed, sure, but a lot of tax evaders have official real jobs in the real economy. Sometimes it is criminal enterprise, sure, but there are also a lot of regular people too. They might be among the gifted like me. They might be homeless. They might be trying to stay off of the grid because they know just how bad it can be in someone's crosshairs who is gunning for you for whatever reason; or no reason at all. They may be running for other reasons, such as battered wives escaping their husbands, and sometimes their husband's cronies--sadly all too common for a small segment of law enforcement spouses. Would you really deny those people work just so they can return to violence and a short brutal life.

I'm certainly not doing any work that is illegal, even if I am breaking the law working the job in the first place. I'm in enough trouble already for what I've done protecting myself from being hunted for things I never did before they started chasing me.

The tags below are woefully incomplete because I'm going to attempt to take a holiday, holed up in my secret location.

Tags: finances, gray market, holiday, Mericratic Party, O.S.I.R..

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