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August 25, 2012
Inexplicable Timing Gotcha

The trip to the fair went off without a hitch. I haven't had that much fun in a long time. It was good to return to familiar surroundings. Early this week I received some bad news though. An old friend posted on their Socialmabob wall that the local police had seized my house. I had someone retrieve some important keepsakes and the like a few months ago and put them in storage. Then I retrieved them from there. Still. If there had been some way I could have sold the house by now and actually safely received the money I would have.

To make matters worse the post said that a suspected booby trap was responsible for seriously injuring an officer when they searched the house for contraband or whatever; maybe to fake that I had terrorist plans lying around or something. That sounds really paranoid, but at this point I never know what exactly to expect. Back to the trap... I didn't purposely leave anything there. I couldn't find a detailed report of what happened, but perhaps it was just like with the fake psychic, except more violent. I can tell you that around Thursday I felt different. I felt like a weight had been lifted off of me and everything seemed a little more brightly coloured. I think I left a tiny bit of myself back in the house, to watch over it I guess, and that's what attacked the officer. Just something else I'm on the hook for.

Why did they seize the house now? Did they get tired of me not returning to it? Are they strapped for cash and going to sell it and everything inside? I don't know what it takes to run a massive semi-black ops group. I'm trying to be funny, a little...

I don't know why the **** they can't leave it alone. It's my house! My grandmother left it to me. This would never have happened had my father not passed away a few years back. He would have never let them get away with it. Admittedly part of that is because they wouldn't be after him. Unless I seriously missed something he was about as psychic as a potato. I think my mother must have passed it on to me. She used to every once and a while know something would happen just before it did happen, or have a dream and some part of it would happen. Nothing spectacular. You hear stories about people doing that a handful of times in their life. Nothing ever comes it. They don't develop out into people like me.

I wish I knew what to do about my house. I'm going to let you go now. Please, don't feel bad. I don't want anyone to have to feel even a bit like I do now. That might actually be like they've won.


Tags: family, festival, finances, framed, inheritance, police, psychic, psychokinesis, sadness, Socialmabob, terrorism, thieves.

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August 18, 2012
Just Like Good Old Times

Sarah and I slipped back into Wisconsin so that I could go to the annual fair that I used to go to. You might remember I talked about it last year and the disappointment about the atmosphere. Well, this year is better, almost as good as it ever was. The people responsible for running it must have gotten a lot of complaints and set out to keep that politicized tone out of it. I for one am glad they did that.

We're still there, well at least as of my writing this--it may be late when I post it, and as usual I won't be there long to do it, for safety purposes. Right now though we've sat down to have a serious bite to eat after only a bit of grazing here there on some fair goodies. I'm actually going to stop writing now. Suffice it to say I've had the best day in months. I'll be sure to eat a funnel cake in your honour, my loyal readers, and newcomers alike.

Tags: festival, peace, politics, Sarah Jayne, Wisconsin.

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August 11, 2012
A Web Security Advantage

Melvin, the web administrator here.

I was not talking out of my hat when I made my threat against the O.S.I.R. hacker.

I have machine sympathy and have felt out the software on the server where this blog is now hosted. I asked and was given a tour of the server farm and directed to our precise server block. I made a connection with the hardware and any time I want or need I can access the software remotely and feel where any changes have been made, including what they are. When I am informed of a software update, or a refresh is to be undertaken, then I know to look at the code. I will also be monitoring the situation with some frequency for any changes outside of the reported upgrade and backup cycle.

As for the matter of getting at anyone trying to, or has hacked the system, tracing a hacker is a matter of starting with the usual software methods and then boosting it with my gift to feel out the wrong connections, false leads, and bounces or misdirects. This is possible when the remote location of the entry into the software is in places where no human hacker would be accessing the connections, like at a repeater. Or the location corresponds with farmland, or a cemetery, or an abandoned lot, etc. This can be further sussed out by video surveillance and accessing the system at the supposed point where the hack is occurring, because you never know when they have set up an operation in an out of the ordinary location just to throw off physical pursuers coming after them, or just to divert suspicion.

I won't get into what I would do to a hacker or their rig once I located it. I will tell you however that a lot of this is nothing like what you read in fiction. I have to know what I am doing with hardware and software to be of much use. A feeling of a change in the coding for something isn't much help if you don't understand it. It's like if you looked at the schematic for a complex machine. Yes, you know what all of the designed parts looks like, but what do they do? Coming at it from the other direction if you were an empath, then you have a basis to understand the feelings of other people because you have those feelings yourself. You still might not understand every feeling though, say if you'd never been betrayed before you might miss some of the nuance or mistake it for just anger or sadness. Likewise I just can't ask a computer to do something. I need to tell it what to do, instruct it step by tiny little step, just like a programmer. That requires giving it a language to understand before speaking to it in that language.

For those with a gift like mine there has never been a better time to be alive then now and that only becomes truer every step technology moves forward. One thing I would like to do, having been into contact with the people I've been in contact with over the last couple years, is to set up something where I could constantly monitor the situation on the site and be able to react to a hacking attempt as it happens. By that I don't just mean like a regular hacker sense, but also in terms of using my gift. It's never been my experience, or that of anyone I have talked to, that a psychic can just wish or will a specific gift to manifest. So, I can't just hope to develop one or more gifts to fulfill this goal. On the other hand, that yearning may just be the spark of something there that will flower sooner or later. It won't come because I want it, but I want it because it will come. Just a thought.

Tags: empathy (psychic), hackers, Melvin Klein, machine sympathy, O.S.I.R., protection, psychic, software, surveillance, web administrator.

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August 4, 2012
This is What You Get, Grant

As much as I needed a quiet week, you know that I cannot have such a thing. Another man is dead and this time I don't feel sorry or broken up about it in the slightest. I warned him! I told him that any violence would be his responsibility. That agent died because of you, Grant Sekibo. His blood is on your hands. I hope you're happy now!

It is different in Minnesota. The O.S.I.R. is much more likely to fire their guns, rather than just wave them around, or firing a warning shot like civilized people back in Wisconsin. This particular agent (I can't think of another word I would feel comfortable inflicting on my readers for what I think of this individual even after he died.) just rounded the corner and opened fire on Sarah and I. I took a hit in the upper arm, a through and through, and I managed to deflect a second shot that would surely have killed Sarah. Then I grabbed a garbage can lid--these O.S.I.R. still at least move away from regular people first--and I nearly took his head of when it broadsided his face.

It would be convenient to say that I just reacted, or over-reacted, but I grabbed it with the intent of doing him maximum harm. Maybe later I will be frightened at how easily I decided to do it, but right now the only thing that has me somewhat scared is actually how easily I deflected that second bullet. I guess it wasn't easy, I almost didn't change its course and it still came too close for comfort. However, I did affect an object moving faster than the speed of sound even if it was a matter of affecting the area it moved through. I don't know how it works. I don't know if I have to see the object or otherwise make contact with it mentally before I can move it, or what. I just know that I did, and that feels like pretty heavy-duty stuff even for a guy who can throw people around with his mind.

Tags: agents, anger, death, Grant Sekibo, OSIR, Minnesota, murder, O.S.I.R., Sarah Jayne, self-defense, Wisconsin.

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