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June 23, 2012
MyWayNow, Not!

This is the Web Administrator posting. I am here to tell you what has been reported to me about the meeting between MyWayNow and Josh. Josh arrived at the meeting place that MyWayNow agreed to in his comments shortly after Josh posted here last Saturday. Josh said even to me that he expected there would be bloodthirsty onlookers, O.S.I.R. agents, and/or regular Federal agents or local police. No one was there, though. Sarah was nearby, but he impressed upon her not to be in the immediate vicinity. He didn't want anyone else there to have to shield from his own powers if things got out of hand.

Josh showed up early and looked around. He didn't find anything there that wasn't there the day before. (He posted Saturday, checked the place Sunday, and the meet was for Monday.) MyWayNow showed up pretty much on time. He was a big--no, massive--no-neck kind of guy. He looked like the kind of guy who could just tear somebody's head off with his bare hands. He wasn't carrying anything. No explosives or grenades or an air compressor or anything. He called Josh out. If it's even possible he was more vulgar and verbally violent than he was on here (before I moderated his disturbing filth). He was heard to shout that he was going to immensely enjoy this.

Josh is a bit on the small side, but he looked pretty tiny compared to this guy. With his gifts he wasn't worried about that. I'm told Josh looked really worried and he almost immediately started scratching surreptitiously at his jaw. The two of them traded insults as MyWayNow closed in on where Josh was standing along the railway tracks. Josh kept scratching and seemed to be going at it more fervently. MyWayNow asked him if fear made him itchy. Josh told him to stop where he was and MyWayNow did.

Josh was trying hard to keep his hands off of himself now and he couldn't. He started scratching at his face. Now, Sarah had a tether to Josh and she could sense he was afraid, and she had a sense of something else that she had never witnessed before and couldn't name. She tried to calm Josh and he could be seen to pull his hands from his bleeding face. He had scratched himself hard enough in several places to draw blood. MyWayNow laughed like he had just heard the funniest joke ever told. He told Josh that now he knew what the scratches were from. He told him it was too bad it was time to die slow then.

Josh let out a yelp and instead of scratching his face he grabbed one side of his head with both hands. MyWayNow told him that the news was missing something vital, that they had been left in the dark. He wondered why Myron and the Protectorate hadn't filled Josh in that there were no explosive residues left at any of the crime scenes. He told Josh that he was just like him and pretty soon his gift would tear Josh's head apart. As if to prove the point Josh moved one hand and seemed to be trying to hold his head together.

Josh sent MyWayNow flying to crash onto the train tracks and MyWayNow's assault seemed to stop for only a moment, long enough for Josh to tell MyWayNow that he didn't want to kill him, but he would. MyWayNow sat up and renewed his attack on Josh.

Josh snapped one of MyWayNow's elbows just like he did Mr. Peterson. That didn't stop him.

He broke MyWayNow's other arm in four places to just as little avail.

Josh's face began to bleed from places other than the scratches he had inflicted on himself. He slammed MyWayNow to the ground, each time harder than the last until, I guess, the attack on his head stopped. MyWayNow laughed maniacally and bragged about how it didn't hurt.

The wind picked up where they were, but only there. MyWayNow lifted to his feet and then off of them. That made him stop laughing. He jerked around in mid-air with growing violence. He half dropped to the ground, but only as he shot feet over head and was slammed head first back and forth on the ground like being harried by an enormous invisible dog and then he dropped to the ground.

All was silent for a brief moment and then MyWayNow began laughing, raggedly, again. He sat up and threw up blood on the ground next to him. He bragged about how badly Sarah was going to get it now, how many days. Everything was still and motionless around the two of them and though he was winded Josh just seemed to seethe with anger.

Then MyWayNow snapped from sitting to laying and his head hit the ground and the back of it splattered as his face crumpled down into his skull. Just like that it was over.

Sarah found Josh sitting on the train tracks, and that was the last I heard.

...I want to thank Madam Sarcova for remote viewing the scene in what must have been painstaking detail to fill in the gaps I had. I also want to raise a middle finger to the Protectorate for missing this entire thing and leaving Josh to deal with this homicidal piece of garbage alone, because they thought him only a mundane killer.

Tags: Joshua Rhoads, Madam Sarcova, Myron Nath, MyWayNow, news, Mr. Peterson, OSIR, The Protectorate, psychokinesis, remote viewing, Sarah Jayne, slaughter, web administrator.

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