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May 26, 2012
Suspicious Enemies

I've become suspicious of Mr. Peterson of late. This sounds like a strange thing to say of the man trying to kill you, ultimately. Everything I have heard about the O.S.I.R. agents points to them being ruthless killers dragging psychics off to their brutally violent ends at the hands of the scientists. Certainly Sarah and I have had a number of encounters with O.S.I.R. agents, in particular Mr. Peterson, but yet here we are, still. Are we special among the gifted? Is Wisconsin lacklustre? I won't say it's been easy. You know I've been rather aggressive dealing with them, but look at The Protectorates' set up. Peterson has intel that's at least as accurate as they do. There is nothing to stop his agents from tranquilizing us from such a distance and fast enough that even a psychic flash can't trigger from the shooter's intention.

I may be causing myself a lot of trouble saying this, but I think Mr. Peterson's burning desire to see me dead is why we have not been captured yet. His agents must be under orders to herd us to him to deal with himself. It sure seems that way. He has little to no immediate backup; though the last couple of times that was intentional because he wanted to speak to me, not take me in.

You're really going to think I'm a few bricks short of a load, but I hope that I am not getting Mr. Peterson in trouble with his superiors. I also hope that he continues to come after us in the same manner, or that this more talkative, willing to discuss things trend continues. Though really, I do not know what that will do. It is still his job to bring me in. I have resisted lawful, if awful, arrest several times already, and harmed federal agents--aside from even Mr. Peterson himself--to do it. So what can be done? (That's rhetorical unless you think it shouldn't be rhetorical.)

Tags: agents, crime, intent, law, O.S.I.R., Mr. Peterson, OSIR, The Protectorate, psychic, Sarah Jayne, suspicion, Wisconsin.

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May 19, 2012
The Good Big Brother

They're called The Protectorate. Myron works on the edges of the group, by preference he told me. He also said that his gifts aside he prefers working with out of control psychic phenomena--that act like hauntings, or are the growing pains of children's expanding gifts. He likes that work because, well, no one gets hurt, and he helps end people's suffering. He was appalled at what happened with Sandra. It really speaks to the character of a man that he is sorry for the death of someone in the middle of trying to kill him. I'm still upset over it all, but I can't help but feel that she brought it down upon herself. The Protectorate men with Myron knew he was stepping in to deal with Klavier and had the expectation that Klavier was of no consequence. That left Sandra as the instigator of the attack. They dealt with her.

I think I've covered everything to do with that day. It feels like we've been on about it for a long while now. I'd like to move on, as much as it helped highlight a bunch of things that Sarah and I feel you need to know. At the same time, the Protectorate is an important thing to talk about now that I know they are around. Their existence is not exactly a secret--I wouldn't be talking about them if it were, out of respect for what they do for us. They protect us, psychics I mean. They oppose not only the O.S.I.R., but also psychics that would endanger us all. It's one thing to drag us out into the light to be targeted by showing off your gifts, it's another to run amok with your gifts, violating and murdering people. You can't do just anything you want if it harms other people, including your own people. You can't... as much as that seems like a cliché movie line to repeat it like that.

Now go, and be good to each other... or else...

Tags: abuse, haunted, Klavier, Myron Nath, O.S.I.R., The Protectorate, psychic, RSPK, Sandra Delcan, Sarah Jayne, slaughter.

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May 12, 2012
Troubling Times Newscast

There was a story in this news this week. I can't shake it, and I'd bet you couldn't either. It's rather disturbing. I'll understand if you want to cut out now and come back next week.

Last Monday a Nebraska man was found dead in his house when a letter carrier became concerned that the man's mailbox was too full and there was no hold order at the office. When police opened the house they were immediately aware that someone was dead, somewhere in the house. The man had had some kind of explosive forced into his mouth and it had detonated his head. They said that his face was all scratched up. I guess they mean the whole pieces. Sorry about that image.

I don't think I would want to know what possesses people to commit the atrocities that they do. There are all kinds of crazy stories in the news. I shudder to think about the ones that don't make it into the news. Given the cover up I am a part of, who knows what else is being hidden. I guess crazy is a relative term here. I did fight a deadly flying toy.

I'm going to go now. Stay safe out there, everybody.

Tags: atrocity, crime, disturbing, murder, Nebraska, news.

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May 5, 2012
Explaining April 28th

I thought I'd kept you long enough last week. Perhaps I should have said so before just dumping in the tags.

Let me explain what happened that day, now that I have a better handle on it. Time lends perspective and all of that. Sandra Delcan and Griffin Crowther came after me because they thought that I would turn them over to the O.S.I.R. Sandra's puppet and whatever entity used it as a body tried to kill me. Sarah had called in reinforcements prior to this fearing just a thing. They came ready to capture Sandra and Griffin. They came prepared to handle Klavier. I can only imagine that without someone with the right gifts we all would have died.

The person with the right gifts was none other than Myron Nath, the man that approached me about dealing with my haunting. As much as Tim and the WPIS were going about everything all wrong, Myron actually is capable of dealing with the entities and psychics responsible for hauntings. He came at just the right time and dominated Klavier. Sarah had tried to shut off Klavier's anger, but that didn't stop his intellect from continuing on with his murderous plans. Myron, or somebody else later, destroyed whatever Klavier really was and left the wooden toy just lifeless wood and metal eyelets. Sandra was shot dead trying to kill Myron and they took Griffin away.

They, Myron's people, were not O.S.I.R. or law enforcement or anything official like that. Myron is just a concerned psychic with friends, some of them psychic too, with the others being sympathetic to our cause. Things didn't have to turn out the way they did if Sandra wasn't so hell-bent on killing me. If she and Griffin didn't go about killing O.S.I.R. agents in cold blood. Griffin confessed--screamed at the top of his lungs--that he was the one who planned everything so it should have been him they'd executed.

I don't know where Myron took Griffin or what they would do with him. He's not physically dangerous like Sandra. Myron said he would give him Klavier once it was just an "it" again and not a he.

Mr. Peterson and the O.S.I.R. took Sandra's body, or so he told me when we met this week. He was put out that I didn't hand over Griffin. He told me his deal still stood and I told him where he could shove it. He seemed almost bemused and then he left. I find it suspicious he didn't want to know who Myron really was, or who he works with, or if he works for somebody else. It's not like Mr. Peterson not to dig into it. Those are questions that I would like answers to myself, but I won't look a gift horse in the mouth. Myron saved my life.

Tags: entities, Griffin Crowther, Klavier, mental domination, Myron Nath, O.S.I.R., Mr. Peterson, OSIR, Sandra Delcan, Tim, WPIS Team Leader.

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