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May 12, 2012
Troubling Times Newscast

There was a story in this news this week. I can't shake it, and I'd bet you couldn't either. It's rather disturbing. I'll understand if you want to cut out now and come back next week.

Last Monday a Nebraska man was found dead in his house when a letter carrier became concerned that the man's mailbox was too full and there was no hold order at the office. When police opened the house they were immediately aware that someone was dead, somewhere in the house. The man had had some kind of explosive forced into his mouth and it had detonated his head. They said that his face was all scratched up. I guess they mean the whole pieces. Sorry about that image.

I don't think I would want to know what possesses people to commit the atrocities that they do. There are all kinds of crazy stories in the news. I shudder to think about the ones that don't make it into the news. Given the cover up I am a part of, who knows what else is being hidden. I guess crazy is a relative term here. I did fight a deadly flying toy.

I'm going to go now. Stay safe out there, everybody.

Tags: atrocity, crime, disturbing, murder, Nebraska, news.

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MyWayNow said: Sunday May 13, 2012 -- 20:42

I thought you were tougher than this. Maybe you ARE only good enough to deal with cranky girls and pissed off toys.

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