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April 28, 2012
Mistrust and the Pre-Emptive Strike

What I was going to decide about Sandra and Mr. Peterson didn't matter. The decision was taken out of my hands. Sandra, Klavier, and Griffin showed up while I was out shopping this week. They were not happy in the slightest after reading last week's post. Fortunately there were people all around. Sandra had Klavier by the arm and his legs clattered together even when the rest of him hung still. Griffin did most of the talking, which made sense given what Sarah and I had pieced together. I tried to convince them that I wouldn't turn them in. I reminded them that I know all too well what happens to psychics captured by the O.S.I.R. I couldn't do that to someone.

They tried to corral me down the street toward an alley. I don't know if it was Sandra or Klavier pushing me along. I have to guess it was her; it wasn't that rough, though it was insistent when I tried to step back against it. Nearing the mouth of the alley a sudden feeling of relief washed over me. Just before we turned into the alley, basically a couple heartbeats after the relief registered with me, I saw a small red circle of light on the brick of the far corner's building. I resisted entering the alley but then relented. The red light disappeared during that beat and then returned for a split second.

We moved down between the buildings toward a dead end. I started arguing with them again that there was nothing to worry about. I could feel a thread of panic starting to run through me. I was shoved hard and stumbled forward, my hands out in front of me. By time I straightened out without falling and turned around Klavier was floating in the middle of the alley and Sandra was pulling out the sledgehammer. A bunch of small red lights lit up in the alley on Sandra and Griffin. A voice shouted, "Stop where you are!"

The sledgehammer flew out of Sandra's hand and Klavier swung it at my head. I willed the hammer to fly at the wall beside me and both it and Klavier hit the bricks. There was a shot and an object hung in the air in front of Sandra. It was a tranquilizer dart with red feathers on the end. I tried to push it forward and it splintered into pieces and sprayed it contents in the air. Griffin was shouting that I had betrayed them. Klavier rattled against the wall and the hammer's head spun wildly. More shots were fired and the darts broke, pieces ricocheting everywhere. I shouted, "Enough," and Sandra was slammed against the wall.

Klavier broke free, but the hammer stayed put where I held it. He lunged at me and I barely stopped his motion. I didn't know what else to do so I picked up Sandra and told Klavier I would kill her. I thought that maybe I could frighten him. I could not. Instead it only made him angrier. I could barely counter his frenzied motions and the sledge escaped my grip for a moment. Another shot rang out and the head of the hammer went flying in a spray of wood splinters as the handle exploded. Then the weirdest thing happened. The temperature started to drop.

Klavier flew about in zigzags as I tried to keep him away but couldn't hold him in place. I changed tack and told Sandra to call off Klavier or I would hurt Griffin. A man I had noticed entering the alley said, "That won't be necessary, Joshua."

He was wearing a medium-blue silken suit and I was so surprised Klavier almost hit me, but he stopped in mid-air. Myron Nath said to the wooden figure, "You will be no more trouble, will you?"

The remains of the sledgehammer's handle shot straight for Myron's chest. I slammed it into the wall instead, and Sandra slumped to the ground before I even heard the gunshot. Griffin screamed.

Barely understanding what happened I said to Myron, "Sarah thought you were just some deluded ghost hunter."

He said, "I never gave her any other indication."

Tags: death, decisions, empathy (psychic), Griffin Crowther, Klavier, Myron Nath, Mr. Peterson, OSIR, Sandra Delcan, Sarah Jayne.

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April 21, 2012
Bigger Fish to Fry

Before I get started Sarah wanted me to tell you that a haunting might also be an astral projector. You wouldn't see them unless you were at least a little psychic. Also, an apparition is never caught on film because the entity or psychic makes you, a living person, see a ghostly figure.

We ran into Mr. Peterson again early this week. It's just such a surveillance state any more. I have to learn the knack to avoid the cameras. It was a very strange encounter. His arm was in a sling and he still had a cast on his elbow, but his wrist was just wrapped--I can't forget he wears the eye-patch still, or forever. He cornered us alone and held up his free arm with his hand empty. There were no other agents with him. He said that he knew we had nothing to do with Griffin and Sandra before that terrible day. He said he couldn't imagine that we would condone what they had done. As you might expect he is reading this blog.

Mr. Peterson told us that he could let up, maybe let us slip out of the state and disappear as best we could, until someone else caught wind of us by whatever failure we might make. He told us he could do that if we could get him Griffin and Sandra. He told us to think about it and then he walked away. Over his shoulder he said that he'd find us again like he always does.

It has to be a trap, right? A way to grab all of us. I still wouldn't do it anyway. At least I think. What she did to those other agents wasn't right. That wasn't self-defense. The more I think about what led up to it, the more I think maybe Griffin lured those agents in to us. What kind of people do that? It canít be correct, can it?

Tags: agents, apparition, astral projection, Griffin Crowther, haunted, Mr. Peterson, OSIR, psychic, Sandra Delcan, Sarah Jayne, self-defense, slaughter.

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April 14, 2012
Hauntings and Living Dolls

Hello, it's Sarah again. Josh wasn't comfortable writing this post. So, I'm here to talk about hauntings. There are two different things going on when it comes to events like the ones that Josh suffered with. Josh is not a normal case for a psychic. Almost all of us are born with our gifts. My guess is Josh's car accident and bleeding into his brain caused his brain to rewire itself. They say the brain can rewire itself when parts are damaged. Anyway, his powers started to develop after he was long recovered outside. This led to his haunting. That's the one way you can get a haunting. Growing psychic powers act on subconscious desires and fears. Josh's trouble at work made a lot of it happen. I can feel how that decline affected him.

The other way you can get a haunting is when a psychic creates an entity. Sometimes they do it on purpose. Other times they don't know they've done it or they do it as they die. Spirits don't wander around. I won't say there aren't souls. You can believe whatever you believe about that, but no one I've met has been in contact with a spirit of the dead. Someone might make psychic contact with a loved one the instant before death, and that may require some travel time making it seem to happen after they were dead. Otherwise they are the makings of psychic minds. They might have a personality, they might have the psychic's personality, but it's just an echo. The entity might long outlast its psychic if it's made to sustain itself.

As you know from Josh's experience all of the haunting events can happen. As you know from what he told you last week we met such an entity. Whether she did it on purpose or not Sandra gave birth to something that inhabits that wooden body. I didn't get a sense of any emotion from it until she pushed it into action. Then it was a white-hot rage. I don't know if there is any conscience to that thing. You can't just tell morality, except through actions just like everyday people do. It still frightens me. Klavier might one day kill Sandra if she can't give it more than anger and a desire to protect. It'll probably do in Griffin too when he tries to help her.

Tags: accident, brain, death, emotion, entities, Griffin Crowther, haunted, Ms. Jayne, Assistant to Myron Nath, Joshua Rhoads, Klavier, personality, psychic, Sandra Delcan, scared, spirits.

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April 7, 2012
Deadly Nightmare Toys

I met some people on Thursday. They were psychics. They told me to go ahead and use their full names. In fact they insisted on it. They were Griffin Crowther and Sandra Delcan. Sandra is a psychokinetic like me. Griffin is a prognosticator. He said he primarily has precognitive flashes, but also has other similar or related gifts. Because of him we went where we wanted and had some much needed fun. It was refreshing to not have to worry about agents descending on us at any moment, or so I thought. Griffin had said they'd never been caught. Of course he didn't say that there had been some close calls despite seeing the future. Also by the same token Sarah and I have never been caught even though neither of us glimpse possible futures.

I probably shouldn't say this where they'll see it but Sandra really kind of weirded me out. She had a crude wooden doll that she carried everywhere. She called it Klavier--she pronounced it Klav-eer. It had an almost rectangular body except for a round bevelled edge on one side. It's one-piece arms and legs where like thin strips of board and held onto the body with eyehooks. The front of it was painted in a nice glossy black paint. On that was a simple painted face in red. Later, Griffin told me that Klavier was German for piano and that is where the wood came from. Honestly, it was a bit kooky at first, like something out of a TV show the way she talked about it and talked to it.

It was late in the afternoon when a couple agents spotted us. They and their unit caught up with us in an alleyway Griffin pushed us into to avoid them. I didn't recognize any of them. The agents backed us toward the middle of it. Sandra had been holding onto Klavier by one arm. She pitched it spinning into the air in front of her. I started to laugh despite the danger and half stopped when Klavier stopped suddenly too, upright, and facing the agents. I continued my laugh and burst out louder when Sandra pulled an old heavy-headed, short-handled sledgehammer from her bag and pitched it over to Klavier. The hammer stopped suddenly next to the arm piece Klavier held straight out. Sandra shouted out, in as deep a voice as she could muster, "Klavier, strike the anvil!"

Any humour there was disappeared almost instantly. Faster than I could see, Klavier and the hammer moved behind one of the agents. It struck the agent across the back of the head sending blood flying everywhere. All Hell broke loose then. Agents were screaming, running around, shooting at Klavier and at us. The shots aimed at the wooden doll ricocheted off thin air. Griffin stood in the midst of it. He occasionally stepped one direction then the other as if he was doing a strange dance with bullets flying around him.

Klavier zipped around the alley striking the agents one by one, some of them over and over again, mostly to the body. They screamed like I had never heard anyone in real life scream before. Sarah had pulled me back behind a bunch of white recycling bins. We could see half of what was going on. When it was over and we stepped out from behind our protection Sandra was up ahead of us behind a dumpster. I don't think I have ever been so scared before and that is saying something given what I've been through.

Klavier floated up toward us. When it neared me I started screaming, "Keep it away from me!"

It raised the hammer and Sandra screamed "Don't hurt him, Klavier," like it wasn't her manipulating it.

Griffin told me, "You'd better apologize to him. You've hurt his feelings."

Sarah told me, "Do it. It's angry!"

Griffin corrected her, "Him. He is angry."

I stammered an apology. Sarah said to Griffin that we had better part ways to throw off any stragglers from the agent's unit. He agreed and we got out of there. All of the agents were bleeding on the pavement. Except for one that was trying to moan and couldn't seem to draw a breath I think they were all dead.

I've had nightmares every night since. I see that crude red face on that black piano wood body. Sarah said that it was like it was alive. It wasn't Sandra moving it around. If I'd have thought of it I could have looked and seen what kind of aura it had. Or maybe it's just as well that I didn't.

Tags: agents, Anvil Strike, death, Griffin Crowther, Ms. Jayne, Assistant to Myron Nath, Klavier, nightmares, precognition, presence, psychokinesis, Sandra Delcan, scared, slaughter.

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