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April 14, 2012
Hauntings and Living Dolls

Hello, it's Sarah again. Josh wasn't comfortable writing this post. So, I'm here to talk about hauntings. There are two different things going on when it comes to events like the ones that Josh suffered with. Josh is not a normal case for a psychic. Almost all of us are born with our gifts. My guess is Josh's car accident and bleeding into his brain caused his brain to rewire itself. They say the brain can rewire itself when parts are damaged. Anyway, his powers started to develop after he was long recovered outside. This led to his haunting. That's the one way you can get a haunting. Growing psychic powers act on subconscious desires and fears. Josh's trouble at work made a lot of it happen. I can feel how that decline affected him.

The other way you can get a haunting is when a psychic creates an entity. Sometimes they do it on purpose. Other times they don't know they've done it or they do it as they die. Spirits don't wander around. I won't say there aren't souls. You can believe whatever you believe about that, but no one I've met has been in contact with a spirit of the dead. Someone might make psychic contact with a loved one the instant before death, and that may require some travel time making it seem to happen after they were dead. Otherwise they are the makings of psychic minds. They might have a personality, they might have the psychic's personality, but it's just an echo. The entity might long outlast its psychic if it's made to sustain itself.

As you know from Josh's experience all of the haunting events can happen. As you know from what he told you last week we met such an entity. Whether she did it on purpose or not Sandra gave birth to something that inhabits that wooden body. I didn't get a sense of any emotion from it until she pushed it into action. Then it was a white-hot rage. I don't know if there is any conscience to that thing. You can't just tell morality, except through actions just like everyday people do. It still frightens me. Klavier might one day kill Sandra if she can't give it more than anger and a desire to protect. It'll probably do in Griffin too when he tries to help her.

Tags: accident, brain, death, emotion, entities, Griffin Crowther, haunted, Ms. Jayne, Assistant to Myron Nath, Joshua Rhoads, Klavier, personality, psychic, Sandra Delcan, scared, spirits.

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