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March 31, 2012
A Circle, Like a Noose

Some of my time moves interminably slow. Other times it whizzes by like nobody's business. I've been seriously regretting using my gift to break Mr. Peterson's wrist and elbow like that. Sometimes I think it would have been the right move if I had done it bodily though, like when I was punching him. So even though I walked away, it's really like he won. Actually it's even worse. He started going after my friends, and the ones he hasn't got around to threatening and casting suspicions upon have turned against me. They don't need to believe what he's telling them about me. No. The treatment the others have received is enough. I wish I could, but I can't even blame them. Their lives are being turned upside down and inside out all because they knew me.

Government agents show up at your work and make a show of asking for your whereabouts. They speak loudly with you in view and earshot of your coworkers and boss about aiding and abetting a known fugitive or being a part of the fugitive's criminal and terrorist enterprise. They speak to your friends and relatives who barely know the fugitive if at all. Pretty soon the life you knew is over. Everyone looks at you different. Your appraisals and man-hours and conduct are all negatively effected even if you don't lose your job. Your social network profiles, email, and phone get scoured for anything that can be construed as illegal. Maybe they even demand passwords and access to see what you're hiding. You have nothing to hide, right? I wouldn't worry about that demand. They likely have backdoors that were legally required of the companies building the network--don't quote me on that as fact, please.

It's all a big self-fulfilling prophecy. If you don't give in to the O.S.I.R. then you soon will, in all reality, become the monster they've maintained you were even before you were a monster. What am I supposed to do? Will he let up on my friends if I disappear? Can I go any further underground without living under a rock? As Sarah or I said earlier, you can't fight them. They just replace personnel with someone more determined to take you out because you hurt one of theirs. I don't know if its better or worse that Mr. Peterson perseveres. There have been reports that he's out and about searching, even with his arm in a cast and sling.

As a final depressing thought this week I want you to know that this blog will continue. It has no financial effect on me. However, financially I am winding down to critical levels. Sarah and I likely overdid it in the beginning. We were not in fancy hotels by a long shot, but at the same time we could have aimed lower to begin with. We spent time with some friends she knew, but ultimately that was too dangerous for them. As it stands it won't be long before we are on the street. Finding piecemeal work for a day here and there has probably never been easy, but now it's a torturous grind. I don't know what to do. Still, you will hear from me even if I have to work ten minutes at a time in libraries and different little hole in the wall coffee shops with computers. I'm supposed to meet someone this week to safely wipe my laptop's hard drive and then sell the machine for the money.

Tags: agents, business, crime, finances, O.S.I.R., Mr. Peterson, OSIR, psychokinesis, social network, surveillance, suspicion.

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March 24, 2012
No Reasoning With Him

What a long day. I would have not posted this week, but I wanted to let you know right away what happened. I spoke with Mr. Peterson today. Are you surprised? Shocked? I might have been both myself if I hadn't gone to quite some effort to do so. It was not well received, but the first thing that I did was to apologize for what I had done to him. I cannot blame him for feeling the anger he does, despite his own actions that put him in a position to be hurt. He lost the eye that I pulled out of its socket accidentally. There was a struggle to save it that failed and made him all the more bitter--he said so himself.

It started when I made a scene at the mall down the street from our motel. It was surprisingly soon after that the first O.S.I.R. agents showed up. I guessed that like every time before, that Mr. Peterson would personally show up. He's taken an obvious personal interest in my case. Sure enough it wasn't long before we spotted him. I won't get into details about how we separated the agents and got time alone with Mr. Peterson. However, I did end up having to fight one of them. That almost makes it sound fair.

I do not yet have the knack for safely using my gift in a heated altercation. I can't throw someone and sap away most of the force so that they don't hit as hard. Not like when I thought it was a ghost that threw that fraud psychic. The first thing I did was I ripped the gun out of this agent's hand. I could hear one or more fingers snap. I could have pulled it differently with the same force and not hurt him, but honestly I'm still mad at what they have done to my life. Then I knocked him on his backside and then ass over teakettle.

The point of it all was to see if Mr. Peterson could be reasoned with, or barring that understand what made him come at me so hard in the first place before I'd even done anything to him, before I even knew I was anything other than someone suddenly haunted by a ghost. I didn't get a satisfactory answer. I didn't get any sense that he could be persuaded to let me go or spend less time coming after me or give any concession or quarter. Since he'd been disarmed and both of us knew he couldn't so much as put a hand on me I also don't think I could beat him into giving up. I mean what is the point in proving to him that I am an actual danger?

I gave him the choice of walking away today and that only made him angrier. So I did the best thing I figure I could. I tackled him and then punched him in the side until I could get a moment to get some leverage and sit up to punch him in the face until I thought he'd had enough. I don't think he'd ever imagine I would just pummel him with my fists. I backed away and he pulled a backup gun on me. Talk about audacity. I made gun fly out of his hand the nice way. Then, and I maybe shouldn't have done it, but I broke his wrist pulling it to the side, and wrenched his forearm back until the scream he let out was too terrible for me to bear. I likely tore his bicep. I then shouted at him that he wouldn't get an apology for this and while he was still screaming and writhing in pain I got away.

Tags: O.S.I.R., Mr. Peterson, OSIR, psychokinesis, reasons.

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March 17, 2012
Keep It Under Wraps

Last week Sarah painted a pretty dark picture. Sadly I cannot say that this isn't the case. I cannot say that I disagree with any of her warnings. What she didn't have time for last week was a third reason to try and avoid confrontations with the agents. That reason also ties into one of the biggest questions you should be asking yourself about this world we live in. Have you wondered why you don't see evidence of psychic abilities being used? Why there aren't videos of people making cops' guns fly out of their hands. Why other than those weird little videos like the one I discussed a long time ago that you don't see people floating around or pitched through the air?

The answer is that there is a cover up. The O.S.I.R. does not want people to know that there are real, powerful, and sometimes dangerous psychics among us. They don't want people to know they are waging a war on their own soil. The real kick in the pants though is that we don't want everyone to know either. I mean psychics when I say we. For every one of the non-gifted that would embrace or at least tolerate us there must be a dozen who'd want the O.S.I.R. to step up the fight and eradicate us for children's and safety's sake. You've seen how any other small group is treated if it can even marginally be seen as a threat to the right and good things in the world.

Certainly those who would use their gifts for gain or revenge or mischief will only prove the point that we need to be dealt with. What would you do if anyone who can't be spotted as a bad guy, has a weapon that can't be seen or confiscated, and could be up to anything, was lurking near you? So not only do we need to watch when we use our gifts, but we also need to keep an eye out for bad apples endangering us, and also those that don't know better.

I guess I should point out that if you need to use them to defend yourself or others you should use your gifts. It's safe to use them in front of agents that already know about you. It may even be safe to use them in front of regular law enforcement since the agents will try to silence them, but that may be a reason not to do that. The first step of that is they convince the officer that it's in their best interest to be quiet for the sake of not sounding crazy, or for job security or to protect the nation. If that doesn't work they use threats against their job or incarceration on mental instability or the like. If that still doesn't keep the officer quiet they may kidnap them or arrange an accident. Luckily they don't take off with or arrest regular citizens, they just ridicule them into silence and dismiss them as cranks.

I could go on, and I may next week. Turns out its St. Patrick's Day today. I used to love St. Paddy's. It's too dangerous now to go out like I used to. Sarah and I will just have to have our own drunken bash. See you next week.

Tags: agents, civilian, evil, Ms. Jayne, Assistant to Myron Nath, law, O.S.I.R., police, psychic, psychokinesis, secrets.

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March 10, 2012
Run and Hide

I am back. Sarah is back. In fact, I am going to hand the keyboard over to her in just a moment. First, I want to thank my Web Administrator for posting last weekend. I also want to thank everyone for their well wishes and words of encouragement. I don't think that I have done anything to help you all yet, but I do hope to make a difference. I like to think that I am here writing these posts for something, and that it will help someone, maybe even in an important time of need. That something I have posted will lead them to an epiphany, or ease a hard decision, or maybe even save their life. Here is Sarah now.

Hi, my name is Sarah Jayne and I am a psychic. People have been after me because of this for over ten years now. The best course of action is to evade them. I avoid confrontation with them as much as possible for two reasons. Despite their methods, and the intentions of their masters, these men and women are doing a job that they believe saves lives and makes the world a safer place. Sources have shown me that psychics like Josh and I are accused of crimes they did not commit; crimes that fall under the auspices of the O.S.I.R. The other reason I avoid the agents is that you can't fight the establishment. Any agents you might relieve of duty will only be replaced by other agents, or worse, innocent members of other law enforcement agencies.

As the years continue to pass it has become more and more difficult to evade these people. Surveillance is everywhere. ATM cameras, traffic cameras, business security cameras that are more likely to work than they have in the past, and people monitoring all of this footage constantly. Smart phones and social networks are also doing their dirty work for them. Using a real bank is nearly impossible for us. Grocery shopping is a chance to slip up. Attracting attention of any kind is dangerous and sometimes almost unavoidable when people are quick to pick a fight over small or imagined slights. Some days you get into almost as much trouble apologizing and backing away as you would throwing a punch.

Be aware of your surroundings and where you will be monitored. Know where the cameras are. Don't draw attention to yourself. Pay attention to people taking pictures or videos around you. That last one is hard since looking too hard for people with cameras is suspicious. When agents come for you they might do it away from prying eyes or more often in front of a lot of people since they are upholding the law and you are the criminal.

Tags: cameras, evasion, Ms. Jayne, Assistant to Myron Nath, Joshua Rhoads, O.S.I.R., psychic, social network, surveillance, web administrator.

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March 3, 2012
Host Unavailable: Running Separate

Hello there. I am this site's Web Administrator. Joshua could not post today. Joshua wanted you to know that the O.S.I.R. caught up with them (Joshua and Sarah) early Friday morning before the sun was even up. I do not think he wanted you to know, but I can also tell you that somehow they got split up and last I heard from him he still had not found Sarah again.

I know I would appreciate it if you could send some good thoughts their way. I bet Joshua would like that too.

Tags: evasion, O.S.I.R., web administrator.

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