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March 10, 2012
Run and Hide

I am back. Sarah is back. In fact, I am going to hand the keyboard over to her in just a moment. First, I want to thank my Web Administrator for posting last weekend. I also want to thank everyone for their well wishes and words of encouragement. I don't think that I have done anything to help you all yet, but I do hope to make a difference. I like to think that I am here writing these posts for something, and that it will help someone, maybe even in an important time of need. That something I have posted will lead them to an epiphany, or ease a hard decision, or maybe even save their life. Here is Sarah now.

Hi, my name is Sarah Jayne and I am a psychic. People have been after me because of this for over ten years now. The best course of action is to evade them. I avoid confrontation with them as much as possible for two reasons. Despite their methods, and the intentions of their masters, these men and women are doing a job that they believe saves lives and makes the world a safer place. Sources have shown me that psychics like Josh and I are accused of crimes they did not commit; crimes that fall under the auspices of the O.S.I.R. The other reason I avoid the agents is that you can't fight the establishment. Any agents you might relieve of duty will only be replaced by other agents, or worse, innocent members of other law enforcement agencies.

As the years continue to pass it has become more and more difficult to evade these people. Surveillance is everywhere. ATM cameras, traffic cameras, business security cameras that are more likely to work than they have in the past, and people monitoring all of this footage constantly. Smart phones and social networks are also doing their dirty work for them. Using a real bank is nearly impossible for us. Grocery shopping is a chance to slip up. Attracting attention of any kind is dangerous and sometimes almost unavoidable when people are quick to pick a fight over small or imagined slights. Some days you get into almost as much trouble apologizing and backing away as you would throwing a punch.

Be aware of your surroundings and where you will be monitored. Know where the cameras are. Don't draw attention to yourself. Pay attention to people taking pictures or videos around you. That last one is hard since looking too hard for people with cameras is suspicious. When agents come for you they might do it away from prying eyes or more often in front of a lot of people since they are upholding the law and you are the criminal.

Tags: cameras, evasion, Ms. Jayne, Assistant to Myron Nath, Joshua Rhoads, O.S.I.R., psychic, social network, surveillance, web administrator.

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