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February 25, 2012
Unwilling World Unveiling

It sucks being on the run. I miss my friends. I miss my house, now that I know it's not haunted. I even miss my job. The one thing that makes it bearable is that Sarah is here. I know what you're thinking--it doesn't take a psychic either--but you're too late. The next thing you're thinking is that under such pressure that what we have can't be real. That spectre looms large over me sometimes. Sarah dismisses it. This life of looking over your shoulder is something she is familiar with. I don't think the men who tried to abduct me knew who she was, but others like them have dogged her in the past. She says that like anything else you get used to it.

I am a part of a different world now. I know how trite talk like that used to sound to me, but it's true. I'm certainly not bragging. I've been forced into it and it's the kind of different world of the homeless and the destitute, except we're not destitute. I slipped under the radar thanks to Sarah's foreknowledge of how the suits work, and pulled out as much money as I could before the O.S.I.R. froze the accounts.

I sometimes feel like we are close to slipping into that kind of life though--huddled under blankets in cardboard boxes. We have to keep moving every few days, and I fear we may have to make the ultimate disappearing act and meld into that faceless mass that no one, not even I, pays any close mind to while living our normal lives. Those agents and the interests they represent fear the power that I have and that other like me have, but look at the power they have to put me in a position like this.

You might see their point. You might, if you didn't know me, think that there must be some sacrifice for people to live peaceful lives, but is this really the way? Is it? I didn't do anything. I do not intend to do anything harmful or destructive or illicit. This is about an inborn talent, not one that can be learned, but how long do you think it will be before this behaviour is extended to abilities that can be learned. Have the wrong skill set and with no malice of your own you could end up just like me. Think about that.

Tags: agents, fear, intent, Ms. Jayne, Assistant to Myron Nath, law, O.S.I.R., power, psychic, reality, Umbral Intentions™.

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February 18, 2012
Fall Away and See

Ignorance is bliss. You know what that means, but yet sometimes when we use the word ignorant elsewhere it is as an insult. Ignorance is the lack of knowledge about something, or many things. It is only bad if you refuse to let go of it. So please don't take offence when I say you have been ignorant, and I mean to help you set it aside. Of course I am talking about your understanding of your current government. Yes, the Mericratic Party does a number of good things. Their ideal of merit is a fine one to follow. The way they stand up to the special interest groups and their lackeys in both of the other two parties is admirable. Those are all the public things that they do, and a few of the less than public ones, until other people get in and leak the stories.

What you do not know about are the more clandestine goals and missions that they pursue. Like me, you probably never heard of the O.S.I.R. before I mentioned them in On Dark Rhoads™. The Office of Studied Interdisciplinary Research is supposed to be a catchall organisation that explores scientific research and other technical matters of the like for the military and the governmental private sector, or what passes for it when it comes to government--meaning I may have misnamed it but hopefully you get the idea. As I said there is little about the O.S.I.R. to be discovered by legal means unless you get caught up with them. Then you find out that they have agents in addition to the scientists and such. Those agents actually have almost carte blanche in their investigations, unofficially.

There is a fair and normal argument for giving them they powers that they do have. They have to deal with disasters that are in progress or soon to happen. Chemical spills, the technical aspects of terrorist activity, illegal research of the kinds with dangerous natures, and anything of that sort that you don't want bureaucracy to let happen unchecked with its red tape and delay tactics. As I discovered, and keep learning more about, those disasters also include the acts, and really the mere existence, of psychics. When you hear about the E.P.A. or C.D.C. showing up with armed men to handle a situation those S.W.A.T.-types with them are O.S.I.R. agents.

If you thought the War on Drugs was all encompassing, overreaching, and vicious then you can guess their actions against us are even worse and more of a priority. We don't get the benefit of jail. The safety issue is too much. I could make the locks open. Others could make a guard let them go free or worse create all sorts of havoc among guards and inmates alike. Still, the sweeping, blanket kill order, dissection, and disposal are unacceptable. I shudder to think that there may even be vivisections; that is where a live specimen is dissected. I'll leave with that dark thought.

Tags: agents, C.D.C., disaster, dissection, E.P.A., law, Mericratic Party, On Dark Rhoads™, O.S.I.R., prison, psychic, science, SWAT, terrorism, vivisection.

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February 11, 2012
A Party of Merit

I find it best to start at the beginning so here is a bit of a recent history lesson. In 1958 a new political party was formed that would quickly unbalance the almost restrictive two party system. There had been other parties but none of them ever reached the level of the Democratic or Republican parties, until the creation and meteoric rise of the Mericratic Party. The Mericrats, as they would be known, worked under one single over-riding principle that informed almost all of their decisions. That principle can be summed up in one word... merit. They pick their candidates--all of their positions really--they shape their policy, and they present their cases all based first on merit. That means they pick the best ideas to reach their goals, the best person to get the job done--that doesn't always mean the most likely person to win in today's world--and the most direct routes and means to do what they want. Popularity is their strength, and their weakness sometimes. What they deem is best for themselves, and for the nation, isn't always popular, least of all among the members of the other two major parties (if you didn't know, this means Congress is a stumbling block a lot of the time), certainly not among the lobbyists, and not always among the population at large.

In 1964 Herbert Jenkins won the election by a smidge, edging out Johnson. History was made that day and the country has never been the same. You might not know or remember, but since the Mericrats' first win they have only been out of the White House for two elections in a row when Ronald Reagan was in office. As you likely do know they are in the White House now, and chances are high that they will get in again this year. You may have heard here previously that I voted Mericrat in the last election. I cannot say that I will be doing so again, not having learned what I have learned.

Tags: candidate, Congress, government, Herbert Jenkins, history, Mericratic Party, merit, popularity, principles, Ronald Reagan, White House.

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February 4, 2012
My New Personal Truth

It turned out that I am a psychic. My primary power is telekinesis, the ability to move objects by pure force of will. Telekinesis falls under the header of psychokinesis powers. Another common example of psychokinesis that you may be familiar with is pyrokinesis, the ability to create and manipulate fire by pure force of will. Let me again give you a grain of salt to go with this. If you can believe in a ghost that can do what I am talking about then can you not believe a living person can do so as well?

I've been told that I have or will develop other psychic abilities. It is usually par for the course when an individual has a strong ability, as I seem to be proving to have. I haven't heard a technical term for it, and I haven't given a name to it yet personally, but the events that transpired when I was away from locations seemed to point to an ability to make psychic things go on without directing them consciously, without even any way to be aware of what is going on at that other location. Perhaps I am leaving a bit of my mental self behind to direct these uses of telekinesis. It seems like a good theory to work on while I get more control over my psychic manipulation of objects.

The haunting I thought I suffered might suggest other abilities. I tend to agree with others that the dreams that I had of being a flying saltshaker must play into my abilities some way as well. I guess to know what is going on in a place far away from me and throw things around requires some sense of the world around my bit of flying thoughts. It's all like learning a new language, learning to walk and then run, and researching a new field of study, all wrapped up in a messy, frightening ball. At least the fear has fallen away somewhat over what I can do. That still doesn't help the other fear involving Mr. Peterson and his people.

Tags: haunted, location, O.S.I.R., Mr. Peterson, OSIR, psychic, psychokinesis, research.

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